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New year New truck or 2016 the year of the truck, and my first diesel

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  • New year New truck or 2016 the year of the truck, and my first diesel

    Well it seems 2016 is the year of the truck. BBR (james) bough a new truck and I have been looking for quite some time for a new truck. I finally found one.

    I can tell you from looking at these trucks for the last few months, the nice ones are few and far between, when they are nice people want way too much money for them and I don't believe any 99-02 truck would be worth 15,000 dollars unless it is brand new in appearance and low mileage.

    I found this truck in Dalhart which is a little over an hour north of me. It has been maintained well over all a decently taken care of truck.

    Here it is a 2002 F250 XLT 4x4 with a 7.3 Diesel motor

    I really really like this truck.

    Here is a pic of it beside my old 95 that has served me so well over the years.

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    Nice looking truck! That is a completely different animal than the F150, for sure. Mine starts a lot easier if it's plugged in for an hour when it's below freezing. The new glow plugs sitting on the shelf (STILL. dang.) didn't help a bit. Haha. I put a wall timer on the extension cord to run the block heater for an hour before I get up. Other than a hotted up high pressure oil pump, I've made it past the urge to mod it. Good luck with that!
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      You are gonna love it with a trailer!
      Nice find!


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        I plugged it in last night and it made it so much easier to start this morning, and the heat came on faster also. It is a pretty much bone stock truck maintenance done on it. It does have a 6 position TS chip in it but the guy that I got it from said he didn't like the way it shifted so he never used it for anything more than the high idle setting, I haven't messed with any of the settings on it although I have been curious.

        I can't wait to get my trailer behind it with my car or any weight behind just to try it out.

        Man this thing goes down the highway like a dream.


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          That thing is huge in comparison -
          Phil / Omaha


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            Nice. Hope I can be so lucky when I upgrade later this year.........
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              Not sure which tuner the kid has for his.. It does make a difference which setting..
              Played with it and keeps it on the "tow" setting". Stock seems best mpg while empty..
              Bed loaded with stuff needed, hammers, bars, extra parts cooler. All stuff needed and a heavy derby car he can pass with ease
              Spends most of the time cooking towards derbys. 65-80 mph loaded is no problem!


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                a most amazing sound. I like the manual tranny.

                here is a modded one:

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                  Hitting that button on the shifter to drop out of overdrive actually drops it down 2 gears!


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                    Love my Dodge and my buddy David (Rack4U) loves his Ford/Navistar, too. He's found that the Ford needs a lot more glowplugs than my Dodge, which will start in pretty much any weather without them though it starts much quicker with them when cold.

                    I have an Edge tuner (only one available when I got the truck) and I generally run in "2" which is tow mode. Better FE and more power.



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                      Wow, nice score! I would like to do something like that. Maybe when I hit the lottery.
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                        Congrats on the truck . I'll be the odd man out not being a diesel fan , but then again I have no use for one . May it live long and get great mileage.
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                          Nice truck! I know the feeling trying to find a nice used truck that is not stupid expensive and beat to death. I did get a gas truck last time but I did stick to the 3/4 ton. You will never want another 1/2 ton again.


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                            I really am not a diesel fan either, but with the choices in my price range to tow the car around this one seemed like a good choice. It holds its value well, which in a couple of years when we get my wifes car paid off we will reevaluate and I may buy a newer truck.

                            It was a chore to find one of these trucks in decent condition, people don't treat them well. The leather trucks seats are all torn up. Most of them have some amazing amount of miles on them. This one has alot of miles but pretty average for what is out there.

                            It is like driving a tank and being bigger than everything on the road other than the other trucks like these.


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                              Originally posted by JWS4621 View Post
                              I really am not a diesel fan either,
                              quoted for posterity. Let us know how you feel after a ride with the car on the trailer behind it. (kidding. Kind of.)
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