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    Re: Myth busters?

    ... does nothing. ;)
    The sprague just rattles along over the teeth of the wheel. Only when the car is rolling slow enough it can suddenly hook into a tooth and jerk the car to a stop.
    At least with a mopar 727 it does.


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      Re: Myth busters?

      I should start another thread with this one but here you go..

      lies, Comments, or war stories....

      Back when I was flying Cobra's... which is a skinny little attack Helicopter... just a wicked thing... the deal is it rewarded Skill like nothing else... The better you could fly and shoot... the more it loved you... if you sucked... it left no doubt in anyone's mind... Simply hovering the thing was a bit of a chore... let alone shooting rockets from the wing stores at a hover.... My favorite manuever was Always Diving fire... you would start at around 2500' and dive in on a target till you had it lined up.... and fire your rockets, ultimately it was mostly accurate for even an average student in diving flight....

      So anyway... I was teaching kids to fly these things and had this really average student... ( read sub par... )( not quite sub artichoke )... he's squeaked by several check rides by the time we got to the range which was close to the end of training and I'd beat him up pretty good for the last couple of months.... This was our first day on the range and is his first time ever having fired a Helicopter... I really wanted to start getting his confidence back... and No kidding... they put 5 new trucks on the range that weekend.... Brand spanking new... fresh piston, fresh paint, never been raced... OMG... you talk about Nirvana to a gun pilot.... Oh man... were we gonna tear some shit UP... wahhhh freaking Whooooooo..... Sooooo

      We're the first ones in the air that day...See these trucks on our way in and I'm freaking giddy... seriously... it's that good.... we roll into arming.... have the crews load Everything he's going to get for the entire day in a single load... and literally crawl back into the sky.... I pretty much did all the flying and I'm talking to him.... telling him how this is going to work... that we're going to demonstrate diving flight but that he was going to be doing the shooting... First pass the kid took to it like a duck takes to water... he was freaking loving it and doing a great job... we took out two of the trucks.... in one of the next runs.... he rolled in on this 5 ton truck which ovbiously didn't have it's fuel tanks drained... and was so fixated on the damn thing he's just peppering it with 20mm cannon and right at the last minute he punches off a pair of 2.75 FFAR's... ( folding fin aerial rockets ) and they hit the bed of the truck... The gas tanks lets go and blows the the truck to smitherines.... No kidding this thing just went BOOOM... course we didn't notice that the Hood to the truck was actually above us and we had to Duck, tuck and roll just to get out of the freaking way of it....... truly flying through the debris of the explosion... Not something you want to do everyday... and definitly not something you want to explain to an accident board.... but What a Kick in the ass... We went to re-fuel, re-arm and student change with ALL 5 of the trucks BURNING down range.... All the other instuctors were pissed... but hey... first come first serve... ya gotta be there to be FIRST...

      The kid got an A that day... and I see him around now and again... we always talk about that day... He says it changed his life... I say it is one of my fondest memories... I really miss teaching... and being that good at something...



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        Re: Myth busters?

        I have put a car into reverse while moving, all it did was kill the engine.
        You can actually put one in park while moving to dislodge a stuck govenor valve.
        I haven't done it but know someone who has.

        I watched a pilot episode of Smash Lab on discovery. It's a lot like Myth Busters.
        Rino Lining claims their spray on liner is blast proof. So first they blew up two trucks. First one had no liner and the truck bed shredded like a beer can when you run over it with a lawn mower. Second one had the liner and stayed together, just got twisted up a bit.
        Then they parked a car bomb outside a partial concrete block building and blew it up without the spray on liner sprayed on the concrete block. It demolished the building.
        Then tried it again on a building with the liner on the inside and outside of the concrete walls. The building withstood the blast.


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          Re: Myth busters?

          That Rhino Lining segment was amazing! The only thing with Smash Lab is that their hosts AREN'T Adam and Jamie - they are a couple of characters.

          On the trans thing - when I worked at GMPG, the Pontiac and Olds drivers would regularly pull into the gas station, slow to like 5 mph, put the car in park, and step out. There would be great grinding of gears for a few seconds, and by the time the car stopped moving they would have the nozzle ready to go into the tank. I don't think they were supposed to do this! These cars would have had TH400s, and I think the newer ones have electronic interlocks to prevent such abuse. I drove for Chevy, and we were non-union so we were watched closely and couldn't do stunts like this.



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            Re: Myth busters?

            Originally posted by Rebeldryver
            Originally posted by TheSilverBuick
            Hmm, coming up on Mythbusters (original air date of Aug. 2007) does puting a car in reverse stop it quicker??
            I have personal experience with this one. The answer is no, but stopping becomes much more entertaining. Tossing it into park on the other hand..... ;D
            I also have personal experience with this question and the answer may not be so simple. First, the vehicle never actually comes to a complete stop. In my scenario, upon shifting the automatic from drive (D) into reverse (R), the immediate symptom was the vehicle responding like the emergency brake was applied (hard!), but with the accelerator pedal being depressed for a 50mph forward speed, it equated to approximately 20mph reverse speed, so once the vehicle slowed down to a certain speed, the reverse traction caught, thrusting the car backwards (or negative forward vector). So, it never actually stops.

            Some of you may wonder how this ocurred in the first place, and that also deserves an answer. I was a Junior in High School and was on the way out to Bear Island in my '67 Coronet 500 to drink beer with my friends with my brother and a girlfriend. Brother was seated in the passenger bucket and the girlfriend was seated on his lap and partly on the center console. With some teasing and tickling, her knee pushed the center button on the shifter and pushed it into reverse. I was not amused. So there is my experience ...


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              Re: Myth busters?

              Originally posted by IndyShiftman
              I have put a car into reverse while moving, all it did was kill the engine.
              I did it at WOT on the 1-2 up shift -- when I thought I was shifting into second it went to reverse. It also killed the engine but the rear tires seemed to lock and we fishtailed to a stop.

              It turns out the linkage inside the tranny was loose (ahem, my fault) and that is how it went to reverse on the upshift. Surprisingly the car fired right up and we drove off.

              The best part was hearing my friend in the passenger seat scream like a school girl when we started sliding off the road :D


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                Re: Myth busters?

                Keith: You have no idea how big a smile you just put on this airfield freak's face. Nothing like a Cobra..shame I missed 'em, instead I get the hyperactive, overweight and underpowered -58D to play with. Still have FFAR (2.75 Hydra), tons upon tons of .50 CAL, and Hellfires...which, if I've done my homework correctly, are a bit more satisfying than the TOWs.

                With any luck next year I'll be training to fly instead of just arming and getting random test flights.

                The former Remy-Z

                "Remy-Z, you've outdone yourself again, I thought a Mirada was the icing on the cake of rodding, but this Imperial is the spread of little 99-cent candy letters spelling out "EAT ME" on top of that cake."