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San Fernando Raceway Sometime In The Late 60s

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  • San Fernando Raceway Sometime In The Late 60s

    San Fernando, "The Pond"

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    I grew up just a few miles from there, we passed it every week on the way to church. The big brother took me there when I was in kindergarten and I was hooked. Sis's husband ran his 427 Vette there, then did one run in his brand-new '70 Hemi GTX, so he said, but it wouldn't hook. By the time I was old enough to get myself there on my bike (it would've taken an hour-or-two, each way), it had shut down. Later around 1980 a group led by a former street racer (now a wealthy aerospace mfg. exec, and dang if I cannot remember his name) tried to bring it back but the property owners wanted too many millions of dollars for what was by then a lot full of weeds. A Home Depot store now.


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      Ran there once in my '55 Chev. It was a slight grade to teh staging lights and had 4 speed trans and no line lock in those days so had to "heal and toe' the throttle and brake at the same time to keep it staged! But a fun day as always.