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Forum Rules: What Is and Is Not Allowed

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  • Forum Rules: What Is and Is Not Allowed

    This forum is a place for car related discussions, events, technical help, general camaraderie and FUN.

    We only ask that when you are visiting, you are courteous to others and discuss the topics with positive contributions ... not saying you have to agree with other's viewpoints, but respect them. In other words, just play nice. If you are not sure you are playing nice, you aren't.

    Forum Rules
    ~ No Politics - We will not stand for this. If you think you are skirting the topic and being "cute" by staying just outside the line, we'll move the line. Do not push it.
    ~ No Religion - See above.
    ~ No name-calling - Act like a 4 year old, or worse yet a bitchy teenager, and we'll ground you. Those of us with kids, or who have raised ours already, have to deal with this stuff on a regular basis anyway. Please don't be one of those guys that makes us have to deal with it here where we are supposed to be having fun.
    ~ No harassment - See above. Remember, we have lots of other things to do that are more fun than dealing with bad apples. If we have to deal with bad apples we will go for the most timely and effective solution so we can be done with it and not think about it anymore. That means warnings will be short, to the point, and only come once.

    "Please don't feed the Trolls" ... just report all Spam and inappropriate posts and then go on about your business. Don't get involved. Let a BangShift Forum Staff member handle it.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation - BangShift Staff

    One thing to remember... These rules apply to any, and all, areas of the Forums. They are subject to change at any time, and without consultation. If you attempt to get "cute", and try to go around them, our Moderators and Admin staff will handle the situation swiftly and without remorse.

    Now, lets have fun! Don't let somebody ruin your experience here and vice versa.

    "A cross thread is better than a lock washer." Earl Lanning...My Grandpa

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    Also .. no Spam please.

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