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  • We're Fleeing to Canada

    This thread will be deleted, and I will be banned.

    Based on the latest election results, the media (who lost the election) is encouraging everybody move to Canada. That seems to be a popular solution. It looks to be a better solution, according to the American Free Press. I don't see a lot of those writing that stuff going there.

    I've been there, Canada. In the wintertime. It's cold. It snows neck-deep. And it's cold. Everything in Canada is north of Minnesota. The folks who live there LIVE for the cold, they're waiting for the lake to freeze over so they can ride across it on their snowmobiles to the to the hunting camp (a shed in the woods somewhere). That's what they do and they love it and they live for it. I've seen it.

    The economy is different, the dollars are worth a different amount. And if you don't even have cell phone service, how in the hell could you even order car parts? You can't drive the car when it's all snowed over anyhow. I can't wait to hear about some of the Hollywood stars fleeing America after the election. Let's see how they do.

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    I wonder if they make canadian mustangs.
    citroen boxer four.

    I live next to canada, lots of canadian pass through.
    They all have the same concerns. Every country does.
    They look to america for the big money. Irving, TD bank, some of the mills...
    maine just lets it happen.

    I am curious about this elections and results too..
    I would agree, this thread gets closed eventually.

    meanwhile, I am staying in america surrounded by canada, if it is the last thing I do.
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      all i can say is good riddance to those peeps...

      we dont need there kind around here anyhow.
      better off without em.


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        Originally posted by fatguyzinc View Post
        all i can say is good riddance to those peeps...

        we dont need there kind around here anyhow.
        better off without em.


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          For some reason, celebrities promising to move to X if Y is elected happen every election year, and they never follow through on their promise. It seems rather cowardly to me, for a couple reasons.

          1. They always want to move someplace relatively prosperous where they speak English. You never see somebody willing to make a big sacrifice and say, "I'm moving to Costa Rica, where they have a renewable power grid, even if it doesn't always come on!"

          2. They don't want to take a stand here for what they believe.

          3. And they don't even have the courage to carry out the protest they originally said they'd do.
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            Does Canada have faster delivery times for the blower?
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              Originally posted by JRoberts View Post

              Those that would leave because they didn't get their way,
              I have taken note than not one person claiming to bolt to Canada, has said they will denounce their citizenship..
              All hat no cattle.


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                Ummmmm.......they ARE thespians.


                People who get paid to pretend to be something they are NOT.

                They are not God. Nor are they heroes.

                They are actors. Looked at in another light, they get paid to LIE.

                Pretending and lies are inseparable on a base level.

                With this in mind, we are surprised......why? I don't get the question.

                Of all the paths you take in life - make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                  I didn't know they had fleas in Canada


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                    Originally posted by JRoberts View Post


                    i meant, the people who claimed they would leave
                    if the election didnt turn out the way they wanted.

                    i dont need or want people like that around me in
                    the first place---crybabies who make threats that
                    they dont even mean when things dont go the way they

                    i say we are better off without them, and see yah,
                    wouldnt wanna be yah...or in old school terms
                    dont let the doorknob hit you
                    where the good lord split you....


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                      Actors = the best two faced folks around!
                      They can act like someone else..therefore they act like they like you, therefore yet again two-faced!


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                        Ancient Chinese curse: MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES.
                        From me: WE GET THE GOVERNMENT WE DESERVE.



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                          Up north you´ll need to fit one o´these block heaters.

                          I did fit one to my Passat while in Germany......sheer luxury on -26ºC mornings.


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                            Originally posted by malc View Post

                            I did fit one to my Passat while in Germany......sheer luxury on -26ºC mornings.
                            If minus 26C can be a luxury at minus 40 the C and the F scales match up.
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                              I'll move to Australia before Canada. It's much warmer there and they don't pretend to know only French when it's convenient.
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