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Beer Is Good !

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    Re: Beer Is Good !

    I LOL'ed....catchy tune!


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      Re: Beer Is Good !

      My favorite beer.....Yes.

      Thats all.

      Bud Light is good.

      200 mph or bust.......


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        Re: Beer Is Good !

        For all of those who live your life according to beer, I present the following:

        They have cool t-shirts, too.

        It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.


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          Re: Beer Is Good !

          I know for a fact beer is good for you, from a doctor even. My little sis, born in '65, had a vitamin deficiency when she was about a year old. The doctor ask my folks if they drank beer. Stupid question around my old man, a case a day was nothing to him. He would get up in the morning, pop the tab on a Bud and wait on the coffee to get done. Then I would see him chase his coffee with the beer, or vice-versa. ;D Anyway the doctor said that beer had the vitamins my sister was lacking and to give her a couple ounces a day for a week or so. I guess since my folks couldn't afford the vitamins, beer was the next best thing. Back then it was cheap, Dad would take his gallon jug to the bar down the street and get it refilled for 25 cents. This was on the indian reservations in South Dakota. ;D

          Myself, when I do drink anymore, it's Bud, but my favorite was a beer I found in a guesthouse in Germany. A local weissen beer, a wheat beer that would go down easy and had a hell of a kick. I didn't find a beer over there I didn't like.


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            Re: Beer Is Good !

            Hands down, Bowen Island Irish Cream Ale. No, not made with Irish Cream; cream ale, Irish style.

            I really enjoy Guiness and the like, and I'll try anything from Big Rock Brewing Company. They're from Alberta, and their quality is exceptional.


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              Re: Beer Is Good !

              While I was living in England, I got to really enjoy a nice cool pint of Bitter.
              It is not carbonated, so it goes down quick and smooth, without burps !!

              It is common knowledge that English beer is served at room temperature, so many Americans think it is warm, but that is not the case. The kegs are in the deep, dark and very cool cellars of the pub and are hand pumped to the bar for serving. So it is in fact, very cool and silky smooth.

              Also, they do not measure the alchohol content by alchohol by volume (abv.), but rather by the specific gravity of the beer itself. The higher the specific gravity, the more kick it has, and let me tell you ... it has some KICK !!

              My two favorites are Director's Bitter and 'Ole Thumper Ale. The last one really thumped me.

              Yummy !!


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                Re: Beer Is Good !

                Where's TC? Here's a little something I saw in a job johnny on a construction site:

                God is good
                Man is not
                Man made beer
                God made pot.

                Edit: Fix't.
                The official Bangshift garage door guru. Just about anything can be built using garage door parts, trust me.


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                  Re: Beer Is Good !

                  Originally posted by Schtauffer
                  Where's TC? Here's a little something I saw in a job johnny on a construction site:

                  God is good
                  Man is not
                  Mand made beer
                  God made pot.
                  Who the hell is Mand ?


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                    Re: Beer Is Good !

                    Originally posted by Schtauffer
                    Where's TC? Here's a little something I saw in a job johnny on a construction site:

                    God is good
                    Man is not
                    Mand made beer
                    God made pot.
                    Nice. ;)

                    Well he did make it. :P :D :D


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                      Re: Beer Is Good !

                      Originally posted by Brian Lohnes
                      Ron, clarify something.

                      Do you buy them from the actual liquor store or out of the back of his van?


                      I bought a 6-pack of Miller High life a couple weekends ago because I had never tasted the stuff. AWESOME beer for drinking after a day of mulching and doing outside work. "That's living the high life"
                      That's my daily "affordable beer" Miller High Life Light - 30 pak = $14.50 @ Super Target - Been drinking High Life for years.

                      Phil / Omaha


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                        Re: Beer Is Good !

                        hm - well, I like beer and I'm not a snob about it - I'll try anything once.

                        The staples in our fridge are generally anheiser busch products - because they support our military, and they're a good value - living on the lake - you tend to go through quite a bit of beer, so having pricey stuff on hand generally is a hurt to the wallet.

                        I went to school in K'zoo MI, so I'm nearly required to mention Bell's brewery - very VERY tasty stuff comes from there in a miriad of varieties.

                        I'm also a big fan of yeungling - and knowing now that it's a long time pensyltucky brewery makes me feel even better about consuming some - may have to get some for the long weekend in fact!

                        Is it me - or does draft beer generally induce more headaches than bottles or cans?

                        some of my favorites, pardon the spelling:
                        Greatlakes brewing co.
                        mickeys big mouths
                        Schlits if they ever reintroduce it in the midwest
                        OldStyle (I grew up in Chicago what can I say?)
                        Heineken light (doesn't taste light)
                        Molson, Labatt's, and Canadian coors lite (tastes totally different than US coors lite)
                        Red Ass
                        Fat tire
                        There's always something new to learn.


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                          Re: Beer Is Good !

                          Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy. - Benjamin Franklin

                          2.Rogue Dead Guy Ale
                          3.Sam Adams Black Lager
                          4.Samuel Smiths Oatmeal Stout
                          6.Shipyard Pumpkinhead - gotta love pumpkin beers in the fall!

                          How is light beer like sex in a canoe? They're both f***ing pretty close to water! ;D
                          I'm probably wrong


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                            Re: Beer Is Good !

                            I'm bringing some Aussie beer to the BBQ. That way we can have a toast to BlackOutSteve since he won't be able to make it.


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                              Re: Beer Is Good !

                              The most popular beer in Australia (by consumption volume) is VB (Victoria Bitter).
                              Interestingly, Aussie's refer to beer belovingly as "Piss" and "On the Piss" means drinking beer !
                              I'm sure we can all guess where that comes from ....

                              Believe it or not, Foster's is not that big Downunder, although their brilliant marketing in the US makes it sound like it's the one to have.

                              Some other popular favorites by State are;

                              New South Wales
                              Tooheys New
                              Tooheys Old
                              Tooheys Extra Dry
                              Full Sail
                              Squires Range
                              Sydney Lager

                              XXXX Gold
                              Carbine Stout
                              Extra Dry
                              Thirsty Dog

                              South Australia
                              Original Pale Ale
                              Premium Ale
                              Dark Ale
                              Finest Export
                              Sparkling Ale

                              Cascade Premium
                              Cascade Premium Light
                              Cascade Special Stout

                              Piss Weak

                              Western Australia
                              Emu Bitter
                              Emu Draft
                              Emu Export
                              Swan Draught
                              Swan Gold
                              1857 Bitter
                              Red Ant
                              Matilda Bay Premium

                              Premium Beers
                              Cascade Premium
                              Coopers Premium Ale
                              Crown Lager
                              Hahn Premium
                              Hemp Premium
                              James Squire Range
                              Matilda Bay Premium
                              Hahn Vienna Red
                              Hop Thief
                              Southwark Premium

                              BlackoutSteve, jump right in here with some of the other favorites.


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                                Re: Beer Is Good !

                                Peroni's is a good beer (Italian)
                                and Stella Artois (a.k.a wife beater in the UK) is also good
                                Used to drink alot of Stroh's and Labatt's Blue when I lived in Michigan
                                Phil / Omaha