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    While I know Memorial day is for remembering those who came before and are no longer here, I want to take a second to thank ALL VETERANS for their service.. I'm sure it means more to them than flowers on their graves.
    So.. THANK YOU!
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    You are very welcome Sir! And, a heartfelt Thank You to all Vets and their families, Past and Present, as the entire family of a service member serves,,,
    Although the primary purpose of Memorial Day is to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice ... I feel, as do many others, that all Veterans should be thanked as often as possible, as even though they did not die, they all knew/know the risk is there when they serve.... I personally lost 57 friends in my service and think of them often.... I myself was thought by Tammy to have been killed when my watch assignment got changed at the last moment.... 10 shipmates died, and CSPAN and the other networks were releasing that there were several sailors killed due to a boiler explosion before we had a chance to let our families know.... Like the earlier post I made today states: Some gave ALL, ALL gave some.... I would gladly make the same decisions to have the right to live with the freedoms we are allowed by the sacrifice of service members and the grace of God!
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