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When is a Race Car a Race Car?

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  • When is a Race Car a Race Car?

    Dan Stokes made note of it, he is in fact a race car driver. He's got Mutt, he does all the work himself, it's amazing what that diesel truck will do. More than it should.

    Dan has every bit of my respect as a person, and as a mechanic and as a car builder and as a driver. And he takes nothing seriously, but he is a seriously serious threat to set another speed record in class. He has them all, a whole stack of them.

    And he's a cancer survivor, he doesn't talk a whole lot about that. He doesn't want a lot of credit.

    So, Dan, all by himself, tows Mutt to the race track. Does that make Mutt a race car? It sure as hell does, not the trailer, but the sweat that went into it.

    I love East Coast Land Speed. Dan is too quiet. And I am too loud. And every car there is a story.
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    And I am too loud.
    Which I've pointed out for years. Hasn't dented you at all.

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      Shucks - you got me blushing! And you're the very first person in - um - ever - who accused me of being too quiet. I love building cars and my time in the shop is almost sacred to me.

      But what makes Mutt a race truck isn't the trailer (Red COULD travel on a trailer) but the fact that he's no longer street legal yet will still travel under his own power - and for at least a mile at a time (or about 4 miles at a time if you include staging, the run, shutdown, and the return road). Most real race cars can't be used on the street but of course Drag Week shows that this isn't always true, either, though they are adjusted between the street and the track.

      As far as the cancer thing - don't get me started on proton beam therapy - I'll talk your ears off. I'm a real believer and wish everyone who could benefit could get that treatment.

      EDIT: And I wholeheartedly agree that EVERY car there is a story. People work hard and use their money to build the car and get to the track to use what they built. I even know one guy who claims to be totally inept but somehow managed to install a blower on a Mustang (I'm hearing "I get by with a little help from my friends" in my head). That's a story, too.

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        When it has an on board fire suppression system?


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          Originally posted by htrdharley View Post
          When it has an on board fire suppression system?
          It seems to depend on how fast you want to go, but sometimes it doesn't. I'm laying low on that part of it....I think I got away with some stuff in Arkansas, and I'd like to get away with it again. If the Big Man says Go Ahead, I'll for sure do it.
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