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    Stumps burn slow, especially green. It's possibly simmering down under. Y'all will know in about a year if it has because it will follow the root system creating a sinkhole effect. Had about 20 big stumps ground and once the roots rotted which of course took longer ( about 6 years ). I've been back filling for about 5 years.
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      Originally posted by SuperBuickGuy View Post

      Evil tried to jump the Snake. Evil missed and became the snake.

      There, you've had your Sunday School early.
      Evel attempted the Snake River jump....Evel not Evil....
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        Originally posted by silver_bullet View Post

        Evel attempted the Snake River jump....Evel not Evil....
        Well, with all the fanfare and hoopla, he still didn't make it. Poor planning. Not enough work on the chalkboard. Just sayin. Not that I'd be willing to try it.
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