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AK-"Supercar" (From your friends at Kalashnikov,. . . .)

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  • AK-"Supercar" (From your friends at Kalashnikov,. . . .)

    Holy crap! "Supercar?" Maybe they should stick to "bang bangs" . . . .
    Russian arms maker Kalashnikov on Thursday presented its new electric car inspired by a rare 1970s model, saying the new technology will rival Elon Musk's Tesla. The brand, best known for the AK-47 machine gun, presented the decidedly retro-looking pale blue prototype, the CV-1, at a defense expo

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    I dig the styling but I have no interest in electric cars.
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      The US market exports are semi-automatic.
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          Let's put a huge fire breathing engine with a roots blower sticking out of the hood in one of those, and take it to land speed and prove that enough horsepower really CAN push a brick.
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            USAF F4 Phantom was known as the flying brick...proof that with enough static thrust, you can not only make a brick fly, but be a good combat aircraft as well!
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