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    Here's pic of my 97 S10 SS.It's got a Vortec 4.3,3.42 limited slip.I have it tore apart right now.You west coast guys can't believe I'm putting cab corners on it! It's my buddy's old truck and beat half to death,but it runs good and the price was cheap.What cheap/easy mods do you guys recommend?I'll be replacing a bunch of "service" parts,brakes,lines,etc. A buddy of mine said it's basically a Camaro engine with 2 cylinders missing.Is he way off base or close?Would it be worth the trouble to swap injectors,cat-back?3.73's make any difference?It's not that it's slow now,but I like cheap and easy power.Or should I just drive it into the ground?

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    Re: The parts chaser

    If it was Cheep,have all the Fun ya want, anyway ya want, a 50 or 75 SHOT, should do it if not worn out.


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      Re: The parts chaser

      Had a full-size '97 Chevy W/T w/a 4.3 & auto.

      Sold it last month in unbelievably fine shape.

      Put 287K on it, with meticulous maintenance.

      During that time, we R & R'd the 4L60E once.

      Replaced/repaired the intake 4 times. Two

      injectors failed. 1 master cylinder, 2 rear

      wheel cylinders. 1 fuel pump. ----------------------(10 years service, 287K.)

      Mods: Gigantic tranny cooler w/temp gauge.

      14" K & N. Dual Random Tech cat convs

      w/dual UltraFlows & "X" pipe.

      The exhaust system mods made an astounding improvement.