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  • The Book of Life

    I realize I'm having a hard time posting stuff about cars since we're basically shut down over here. But it's got me thinking....

    Man, all of those road courses, that's life-threatening right there in a street car. Especially being in the way like I was. Dang, that's a great way to get hurt or worse. And those yellow Corvettes at Get out of the way, or else.

    Land speed, not so much. Though even faster, it doesn't seem nearly as risky. I can't quite get to the point I'm trying to make, other that I think I'm writing my "book" right here one post at a time and I don't even realize it. As long as you guys will put up with it. I'll never figure out how to paste it all together. It's too scattered.
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    Re: The Book of Life

    That's life, outside of media reports, no one is all something or all something else.
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      Re: The Book of Life

      What you live is truth... Perception gets disorted in telling the tale..
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