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    When/If I ever get a house I'm thinking of building a magazine collection. I'd like a real car collection, but the magazines would give nearly the same warm fuzzy with a lot less expense and work. I can stand the musty smell I know from dealing with comic books and besides they would have their own room(s). I'd do research and supply scans for people that get the magazines to me donated or really cheap. I'd enjoy scanning the full page poster pages to adorn the walls instead of tearing them out like I did as a kid. That REALLY pissed people off when I liquidated my original collection at Jefferson.
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    Re: Magazine Archives

    besides the ones on the shelfs, i have boxes of them. after all these years, i've had enough and ready to use them for fire wood. if you pay the freight ($$$$ i'm sure), you can have them.
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      Re: Magazine Archives

      I have about half a box, too. Free for the taking (I just haven't gotten around to recycling them).