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    Just your basic Caddy with a blown LT1. Nothing to see here, move along. $7K

    Click image for larger version  Name:	1978_cadillac_seville-pic-3719881593615343129-1024x768.jpg Views:	1 Size:	342.0 KB ID:	1243310
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    Nice! I like that a LOT!



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      An airplane ticket and a road trip away... RPV is close to LAX, decent cab fare or he might meet you. Vacation planned?
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      My hobby is needing a hobby.


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        I knew a guy w/ a built 350 in one of those in the '80s, all stock Cadillac except that rumpety-rump motor.

        I'm sure that swap would have been done in the nineties but the smog-cert requirement may be a good reason for the LT1 to continue to be a choice instead of LS...that was my reasoning behind the plan for my '78 El Camino (using '95 LT1). All the guys who go "LS! LS!" just get blank faces when you start talking to them about the OBD II / California smog certifying...i.e., how to make a '78 car pass '02 or whatever smog. "Just move" is common for a suggestion.

        1st gen Sevilles were very popular cars in the nicer areas of So Cal back in the day, people loved them.



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          I thought you'd appreciate the thing. To be heavily modded in CA it has to be modded RIGHT. Plus it looks like a 90s build to me, but at that price, who cares?
          My hobby is needing a hobby.


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            that was a favorite to me, I mentioned it to dad when I was 13.
            they were new back then.
            we were trucking a lot, it was either that or orphanage...mid 1980s.

            I went trucking of course .
            lotsof black smoke, no electronic anything, no cellphones.
            windows down alot, a/c in any model was a tragedy waiting to happen.
            if you remember late 70s early 80s road traffic.
            a cadillac like this gong by without the sway of an 80 foot long deville was very cool.
            Even heard some with sporty exhaust.

            I was 15 just 2 years later, came home from school,and there was a 78 delta88 in the yard.
            my first road going car...

            big and square. I still think he remembered me casually pointing out that model of caddy.
            For years the tail ends of the frame bothered me, as they were broken. I was told to let it go. After all that effort together.
            We both made a huge deal out of it.. not being able to repair.

            it was my subconscious motivation 20 years later to take welding up as a hobby..even after being disabled.
            my 96 gmc is an example of looking very good, and needing the welds that are done.
            this locale is a nightmare.
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              If you could change the engine cover markings from "Corvette" to "Cadillac", it could almost sucker people into thinking this was a factory build - I like how low-key it looks. I wonder if the '90s era Fleetwood had any engine cover parts that could be used to contribute to the phony-original vibe.


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                Wasn't there a guy who had one of these and put it on a weight loss diet?
                Seems he liked the road courses with it..
                Maybe brown?


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                  I remember seeing a hopped up one in the back half of a car and driver magazine in the 70s or 80s that looked like it was set up for a night version of the silver state race . Or possibly the cannonball run or one lap of America. She was low , fat tires , I think caged and had these 6 inch off road lights on the front bumper.
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                    Originally posted by Deaf Bob View Post
                    Wasn't there a guy who had one of these and put it on a weight loss diet?
                    Seems he liked the road courses with it..
                    Maybe brown?
                    I seem to remember a black and silver Cadillac with an Olds 350 Diesel block converted to gas that was set up to handle.