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The Scariest or Stupidest Thing You've Ever Done

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    Scariest: the big bike wreck. Yamaha YZ-490's throttle stuck on a poker run, didn't let go of it like I should have, shoulder-checked a Douglas Fir. That one hurt pretty bad, but the fear part was trying to figure out how to not get killed during the rodeo portion of that ride.

    Stupidest: G-body vs. the police department of a larger city. That is ALL I'm saying about that.
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      Originally posted by Matt Cramer View Post

      I recall one time when I was trying to sort out an issue with a Datsun Z car having an ignition missfire, and I was riding around in the passenger seat at Road Atlanta. Going into Turn 12 at full throttle forced me to drop my "fearless tuner concentrating on the laptop no matter what" act and hang on for dear life.
      It's my understanding from historical research that turns 10A and 10B were added, a track modification from the original layout before my time there. I believe that was done to break the speed off of that hellaciously long back straightaway. Can you imagine, instead of going through turns 10A & 10B, just keep going straight up that hill and under that bridge and THEN down into what they now refer to as 12? I guess maybe they ran out of rollbacks and ambulances and had too many red flag conditions before they decided that was enough.
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        I rode a McGuire Rig in Viet Nam just for the fun of it..........
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          Originally posted by oletrux4evr View Post
          I rode a McGuire Rig in Viet Nam just for the fun of it..........

          Wow! Blame it on Fred. ...
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            You know, upon reflection, buying another project after promising my wife no more until others were done.....
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              Going past the keep out barriers after being told not to, 3 of us in a VW bug and got it stuck in deep snow...
              I was a 1 month old daddy, driver had one on the way and another older, the third guy had 2 girls...
              This was 2 weekends before Mt St Helens blew her top
              And the area we got stuck in? 5 miles into the "ain't there no more" spot..
              Nobody knew where we were as we drank in the bar till it closed and went up there.