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    I don't watch races, I haven't in a long time. But the TV is stuck in the Indy 500. Those guys are crazy, and crazy fast.

    I can ID with it only because when I was running road courses, they'd let us run hot laps for 15 minutes at a time. Except for at Daytona, that was about 4 minutes longer than I wanted each time.....PLEASE throw the checkered flag this time around. Nope, gotta make another lap trying to stay out of the way.

    I guess that's why it's a young man's sport. I just can't imagine being so focused and precise and intense for so long, 500 miles.
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    Mine is stuck onFORMULA ONE!!!
    Rather watch Indy or Coke...
    It's off and I'm outside..


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      That was the worst TV coverage I have ever seen. Schoolgirl announcers acted like they were on the radio, track noise level was too high to hear what the dummies were squealing about, and way too many commercials. I turned it off at 130 laps and went to the shop.
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        Originally posted by Deaf Bob View Post
        Mine is stuck onFORMULA ONE!!!
        That F1 race was interesting. When there was a caution near the end of the race, they made all of the lapped cars drive through the pits so the lead cars could line up in order and race for the win. That's cool. Maybe NASCAR could learn from that, but I doubt it.
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