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  • Ford Racing 2008 Catalog

    I downloaded the 08 Ford Racing Catalog to look at parts for my son's truck. Ford has a lot of information outside of just parts. Fuel injection sizing information,Injectors, MAF, Fuel pressure etc... A lot of diagrams and dimensions, Motors/ Height/Length/Width, Different types of injectors and their sizes. BTW I see Ford has a generic fuel injection harness. Writeup on Dyno Testing, Chart on standard motor specs, IE Bore/Stroke, Journal sizes. Tips and advice, Checking cam timing, How to determine compression ratio (with pictures ), Rocker information, Types of camshafts, Modifing for mechanical cam etc......

    Huge download but nice information. A lot of it is generic and would apply to any motor. For the ford guys it is great. Little writeups on Ford racing motors from the Kent 4cyl to the current crop of motors. Little bit of a history lesson.

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    Re: Ford Racing 2008 Catalog

    Their generic EFI harness for the 5.0 is nice, a lot simpler and tidier than an OEM Mustang harness. But it's also big $$. I'll take the $450 EFI swap using factory parts, works great on my Cougar.

    Ed N.
    Ed Nicholson - Caledon Ontario - a bit NW of Toronto
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