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Steering wheel foolishness

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  • Steering wheel foolishness

    So , how come lots of these cool steering wheels have this line on the top . Are people really that stupid they need that to know where straight ahead is ? Next thing you know they will be sporting driving gloves that say left and right . Or steering wheel and automatic shifter .
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    Re: Steering wheel foolishness

    I think you know the answer to that.
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      Re: Steering wheel foolishness

      The mark is to more effectively gauge the setup and condition of the car. If a tire is slowly going down you'll know a bit sooner.
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        Re: Steering wheel foolishness

        wasn't this posted already

        I had an 87 subaru, at 5' 9 I smacked two pedals at the same time. It must be hell for anyone bigger.

        the tightest steering radius subaru ever shipped.. I got confused just once doing donuts in the snow.
        that gyro transmission weirdness you tube videos have made famous...
        the guy who invented it was in rally cross.

        Ari something?

        I didn't know where the front wheels were.
        the line supposedly helps that. I never used it.
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