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    Originally posted by Dan Barlow View Post

    Funny you should mention this , this same friend has had the rabbit diesel as well . And a Mercedes diesel . Non of them ended well .
    UK has Lucas, Germany has Bosch... only difference is Germany has brainwashed people into thinking their schmidt doesn't stink
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      Time to 'fess up.

      Remember the RX7 rotary powered Model T that McSquatch posted about on the front page? well there is more to the story - it's even funny.

      So I saw that Model T and it had no pictures - so I asked, and got, eventually, pictures of the motor in this Model T. The guy wanted 5k for it (I really should have bought it, but since I really don't want to divorce, what is past is good). I told the seller I had mentioned this to a friend and he blogged about it - he said "cool".... that was Thursday. Sunday, I met the guy at a swap meet. He told me he'd be in the Model T booth - so I went and asked for him, I told him I was the guy who got him published about his car.... oh the look I got, thankfully my lawyerprotection kicked in so it bounced off - then we had a great conversation about the car, him and why he did that insanity. He told me in the conversation that he got 200 calls and who knows how many emails after McSquatch's article hit... I told him it was way too cheap, he told me it was no longer for sale. Apparently in all of this, he fell in love with his car again - which is cool because he sounded very interested about doing PowerTour in it this year. I hope so - I told him that was my plan because it would be the most awesome conversation piece ever... who knows, I may yet end up with it - though doubtful at the price he had it at before. Ah well.

      I'm still pretty sure he had no idea what even a small comment about his car on the WWW would do - certainly he does now, but I still chuckle at the face I got when he realized who I was.... I figure in April-ish I'll go see the car in person... pictures to follow.
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        Originally posted by Dan Barlow View Post
        Thats funny . Although I'm not guaranteeing a show yet . But it couldn't be any more harder than keeping the burb on the road just replaced another hub today . So the tally is one $170 tow , three hubs , two transmissions , one transfer case , two micky Thompsons at 550 and needing two more .
        The other prospect is a roadmaster wagon . I had a 94 caprice wagon with the LT1 and I'd like leather this time .
        Suburban, you say? Tell me more.
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          Its over in the Project Car updates . Thats the fastest way to get caught up on it . Thread is Battle Ax - GMC Suburban.
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            Originally posted by SuperBuickGuy View Post
            Seen a friend going down a path that's going to end up in expensive, broken things...

            So do you watch? get the popcorn? give them advice? to what result?
            I'm already in over my head. Own 13 cars right now and might be going off the deep end with one of them? Will know more after the weekend about my direction with this 62 Lemans I just bought again. Click image for larger version

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