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Just when you think you've seen everything

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  • Just when you think you've seen everything

    What we're they thinking or should I say not thinking. These springs or on the front of the Impala, both sides. Click image for larger version

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    Perry, did that make you wonder if maybe I'd owned that car at some point in time?
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      Had that on my 89 Camaro... PO tried to lower the car using the torch method of sagging the springs... went too far, and jammed 2x4 spacers in to compensate! good thing I got it cheap!
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        At the age of 13 I did that to my Mom's Nash Metro. I had heard the term "spring blocks" and figured "I can do that". Hey, I was 13 and from a non-car family.........

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          Had a derby car sagged bad up front, sledgehammered a 2X4 in and wired it in... after the heat, it was sagged again and the 2X4 was toothpicks...
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            Manufacturer Trained Technician doing a Company Authorized Field Modification !!!
            aka, it might be UGLY, but it works....