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Gimbal Stabilizer for Video: Recommendations???

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  • Gimbal Stabilizer for Video: Recommendations???

    Hi All,

    I am looking to buy Gimbal Stabilizer for my Canon 1DX Mark like this one - aII for video recording. What brands or specific models would you recommend? Maybe somebody knows? I am a beginner in the video, so I don't need a crazy set up, not expensive.

    Thank you for your help.
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    Luckily, one of our members just mentioned this topic on our Power Tour board:

    Originally posted by colemanvoice View Post
    Also, not to add to your cost or learning curve, or battery consumption when you're tying to enjoy yourself, but, wow, what a difference a gimble makes. These will give you more of a pro quality stillness to the picture. All be it, the trade off is more work. Gotta balance enjoying yourself while here and capturing great memories to watch forever.
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      Good info. I'm diving into this right now too, but can't get out due to snow and salty coronoavirus encrusted highways with whiteouts...


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        Likewise, not to add to your expense or expectation to absorb information, or battery utilization when you're binds to live it up, in any case, amazing, what a distinction a gimble makes. These will give you even more a master quality stillness to the image. All be it, the exchange off is more work. Gotta balance having fun while here and catching incredible recollections to observe until the end of time.


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