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How I spent my COVID19 vacation

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    Originally posted by Eric View Post

    Maybe it is warm enough to be using the time to work on their vehicles or home, spring cleaning?
    Or working from home.
    A long time buddy and his wife are working from home and having to keep the kids under control.
    If I was able to get supplies before being told at the airport to go home and stay there for 16 days. I'd have got supplies to het some projects done.
    We are stripping the woodwork in a room and out of sandpaper. Could not go get any. .
    Will be back to work soon and the free time will be gone but we'll be able to get the sandpaper.
    Spring cleaning is a good idea but I doubt it will differ from my standard weekly cleaning because I have 2 kids, a dog and a cat. Because of that I even got myself not one but TWO Roombas like this. There's still some fur in the house but it's definitely less dusty indoors.

    Originally posted by Flanker27 View Post
    Meanwhile, I'm stuck abroad, working on a real estate investment project in Budapest, far from any car project. But at least, I managed to grab some plastic models before the lockdown and have a good Internet connection, so it's not like everything's lost!
    Nice. Visited Budapest a couple of times a few years ago, gorgeous architecture, I should visit it again after quarantine maybe.
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