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What car/truck were you most happy to sell?

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  • What car/truck were you most happy to sell?

    I know some think I have no idea what that word means - but then I stop listening to my wife.

    So to continue muting her - what car or truck were you most happy to sell? Do you feel any guilt?
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    91 RS camaro 305 5speed T top . In its defence we got it with 12 years of age . I was always having to fix something on it . Gave it away to the first person to reply to the ad for 600 bucks . Even though third gens have gone up in value I'm still glad it's gone .
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      never been happy selling..
      strange but true
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        All the LeMons Rally cars. Especially the Edsel. And the Corvair. And the Hudson, Really nice cars all, but damn, driving them thousands of miles in a week or two really gets old.

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          Bought a '46 Chevy pickup from a Navy buddy for $400 and towed it to Florida when I got out. Left it behind in a storage place for $50 a month, when I got my next job. During one of my trips visiting home, there was a note on the windshield offering to buy it. The guy had a '46 project that was missing a lot of parts and he paid me $1,000 for it. So I recouped my investment, made a few bucks on the side and he saved me lots of money.


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            Probably my '07 F-150. It's a melancholy feeling though. There were some things I really liked about that truck. It looked good, drove good, was comfortable on long trips, had lots of room and ran really really well after I locked out the phasers, IMRC's and tuned it with HP Tuners. But it was plagued with previous owner crappy fixes and oddball failures (melted shifter cable, cracked exhaust manifold, etc) that made me want to set it on fire. However, I *did* learn A LOT about Ford EFI because of that truck. lol
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              Sell cars? What is this "sell" of which you speaketh?

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                I've had a LOT of cars over all my years. I've sold them because, for a variety of reasons, it was time to let them go. But never, ever, was I happy to cut one loose. Including the two Fiat Stradas which actually were OK little cars once I learned their oddities (and they had them!). Some were too rusty for me to deal with at the time (340 Duster 4 speed, Alfa Spyder), some were replaced with something new or newer (the Fiats), and some were lost to divorce ('70 Roadrunner #1, BBB Chevy pickup). Life rolls on but I was never happy to see one go.



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                  That's easy - 1986 Pontiac Sunbird. Wait a minute....I didn't actually sell it. I heard about a young lady who'd lost her husband in a car accident and she had a little baby and she was without wheels and...I completely decided to give it her having never even met her. Fortunately soon enough guilt set in and I changed my mind (and that's rare). I would not give her that car and have it break down and leave her wherever she was soon after taking possession of the keys.

                  So I gave it to a mercenary at work. He begged me for it. No way I was taking money but we wrote $100 on the bill of sale. This was the same guy who got a Sears gift certificate as a gift, redeemable only for merchandise. So he went and got a set of just any new tires loaded into the back of his pickup truck with the certificate and took the tires back the next day for a refund, telling them he thought they'd fit what he had but they won't. He waxed the Sunbird and sold it to some unsuspecting victim for $400 he said. Horrors. At least I didn't do it. I did NOT sell that car to anybody.
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                    '87 Silverado. Didn't sell it, ex-wife got it. good riddance to both. It had a 6.2 diesel.
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                      '75 Monza 2+2. The Chevy so bad it created a Mopar fan.
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                        Originally posted by STINEY View Post
                        Sell cars? What is this "sell" of which you speaketh?

                        Oops! I didn't know you were supposed to sell them.
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                          Originally posted by STINEY View Post
                          Sell cars? What is this "sell" of which you speaketh?
                          It is an extremely easy and beneficial method of getting rid of crap that you shouldn't have bought in the first place.


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                            Originally posted by Monster View Post

                            It is an extremely easy and beneficial method of getting rid of crap that you learned through ownership that you shouldn't have bought in the first place.
                            there.. fixed.

                            usually, in other instances, the words "I might as well" or "That sounds like a great idea" commence.

                            Squirrel hit it on the head with his words "the Edsel or the Corvair were great ideas but...."

                            With Stiney (and never me), sometimes the car never runs so it couldn't be a great idea because it was never a car.
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                              Like Dan ours was a Fiat. A 128 to be specific. It was small, got fairly decent mileage as I remember. There was a continuous stream of mostly small problems. It started with all the lights quitting at the same dime, in the dark! With a flashlight, that I was lucky to have with me, I tracked down a wire under the rubber floor mat that had been worn such that the bare wire (the one going to the all lights) grounded out on the metal floor board. Why that wire was one that controlled both front and rear wires as well as turn signals I never understood. Of course the stock wires grinding way under a floor mat also mystifies me.