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    Everyone who's been here for years may remember a long time ago I got onto iRacing to drive Road Atlanta before I took Red to drive there for real. It helped with the visual references, learning the lay of the track. Well, iRacing's been sending me emails begging me to renew my subscription for cheap, it expired some years ago. What the heck, I did it, I've already got the steering wheels and the pedals setup left over from the first time.

    I had forgotten. I am still holding the hand-decorated red Mustang with my number on it. But Red is faster than that car. At a certain mark on the long back straight Red would be going over 130 mph. That computer car is going 115 at the same location. And Red's brakes work better. Red's a better car than that. And that computer version sure does wreck easy. I've run Road Atlanta and Barber, really enjoying "being back" on those tracks again just testing with no competition, But if race car drivers had call signs like fighter pilots do, mine would be Rollback. Call the rollback, peewee wrecked again. 75 times before ever completing a lap.

    One time I went real slow on the warmup lap at Road Atlanta just to start the clock, and I actually made a complete lap. One lap, once. It was ugly, but I didn't knock the wall down that time. I came past the scoring line and promptly wrecked going into Turn 1. But it gave me a lap time of 1:44. From watching all the in car videos, the best time I ever turned in Red was 2:00. And that's hard to figure because I spent most of my time there with my arm out the window waving other faster cars by on the track.

    If I can figure out how to make the replays work on iRacing I'll video one of my more spectacular one-car crashes at Road Atlanta. I never knew you could hit a pile of tires and end up upside down, only because the right front tire touched the grass on the side of the straightaway.

    Click image for larger version

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    I left the iRacing going on the computer yesterday while I did stuff around the house. I'd stop by the computer between chores, wreck at Road Atlanta once or twice and then keep doing other stuff. Later in the afternoon I fired up the race car and noticed that there was a pretty Georgia sunset going on over the race track. Does this computer game know what time it is in Atlanta? Surely it's not THAT smart is it? It might know what time it is in Atlanta but it doesn't know the current weather at the track - it's raining right now in Atlanta but not at the simulated race track.

    I cooked, we ate and cleaned up the kitchen and I had a few minutes before movie time. Let's check the race track. it's dark and the car's headlights are on. What a hoot, let's get out Stude's favorite Bloggie camera and the tripod. Yeah, this is no way to capture game video but it's all I've got.

    The pits dumps you out onto the track going up the hill into Turn 2. I made it through there better than usual when I couldn't even see where I was supposed to be going. Through the esses and lost my my way in the dark near the flag stand in Turn 5. Actually this is one of my better runs, distance-wise.

    I can't get the video to attach to the post like it should...

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      Fun stuff, Peewee!
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