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  • Gone too soon

    I thought I posted last year about a kid (I am remotely connected to) dying of severe aplastic anemia, but I can't find it. He'd been in a children's hospital for almost 3 years, unable to leave - and body all puffy from daily injections of steroids.

    Anyway, please remember the family of 16 year old Atlee in western Kansas. About 2 weeks ago Atlee asked his mother to take him back home to die. He wanted to sit in his favorite chair looking out over the prairie that he loved. Atlee passed away last night in his own bed, with his cat in his lap.

    May angels sing you home, on golden streets to roam
    Loved ones gone before, will lead you through the door
    Into the light everlasting
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    My prayers for those suffering.
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      Sending love and compassion to his family. Rest in peace Atlee.
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        Very sad , condolences to the family . RIP young fella


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          Our thoughts and prayers of condolences are with her family and friends
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            That's too bad. It always sucks when you lose a young kid. Doesn't matter how, it is always horrible.
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              Our prayers and condolences too.
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                Peace to those who love him.



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                  Some things are just hard to understand. RIP Atlee, prayers sent.
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                    RIP. Prayer to him and his family.