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  • The Great Race

    A lot of us here are interested in vintage stuff ...

    Any car up through model year 1974 is eligible to enter, but for purposes of scoring, the older the vehicle, the better the age factor adjustment the team will receive. A 1911 Velie won the event in 2011. And in 2012, we had a 1907 Renault and a 1914 Ford Model T, and both cars finished the race. In 2019, a 1909 Buick started and finished the race.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2021 Great Race Route.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.03 MB ID:	1296940

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    Rats. It went fairly close to us.
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      Would have been cool to watch that go by.
      Still up for discussion is the race format and rallying on public roads in general.


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        Brass era cars are interesting though I don't yearn to own one.



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          Originally posted by oletrux4evr View Post
          Rats. It went fairly close to us.
          yep. Same.
          Flying south, with a flock of bird dogs.


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            Years ago they came through Wichita. Friday evening the contestants parked in front of the convention center on the main drag. Huge crowd. The convention bureau promised them a catered dinner. They forgot. One of the Corvette clubs went across the street and bought 10 pizzas to feed the contestants, crews, and staff. The hotel (owned by the city) forgot to reserve a block of rooms, and some contestants got their own rooms elsewhere. The convention bureau promised them breakfast in the morning.... The Model A club picked up the tab on that one. As they left on the next leg, the organizer made sure to tell anyone in earshot - "We are NEVER coming back to Wichita again". And they haven't.
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              Looks like a lot of fun and I bet the people you meet are incredible .. sort of like a last century Wacky Races.


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                Wish they would have ran thru Closer.
                I have kept track of this event in the past.
                Not that anything I own is in this Caliber to enter, but Wood Be A HOOT to pick it up enroute, and follow for a Couple Cities in one of my Jalopies......