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Huge fun with lubricant - Weeville Garage Episode 7

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    22,000 mile car . That's just broke in . I'd top it off or drain it to the full line and not give it another thought .
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      Originally posted by Beagle View Post
      9 year old car not being driven much ... the seals lose flexibility like you did between 51 and 60, and they will leak. Insert brand name here.

      Cstmwagon nailed it - converter holds several quarts. Unless you are up for a bunch of work, you never really change all of the fluid.

      As far as I can tell, there are two schools on automatic transmission fluid changes - run it until it drops or change it like religion. Don't run it until it almost drops and change it, because you will kill it on the spot. If you're not going to be a freak about every 27,912 mile changes, then leave it alone for the 150k or more this modern junk will usually last until it dies. Ask how I know, only took 3 rebuilds to figure that out.

      If it really bothers you, trade it. I'd trade it for something with a 2 piece oil seal like they used to use so it can mark it's territory fresh from a rebuild, or maybe an AMF era Harley. Wiping the floor down with oil helps trap dust and oil munge for you to track into the house on the white carpet. Honestly, I think I'd just top it off and not sweat it. Keep a gallon of gas in the trunk and your insurance adjuster's phone number handy for when it strands you on the highway. (kidding.)

      How many cars come with transmission dipsticks any more?
      atheist or Methodist oil changers? I'd consider myself more of a Community church changer... only change what's important...

      I will use this for a children's story at church....
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        I was using a GoPro Adventure Kit head mount, the elastic band that you wear instead of a hat. I didn't know exactly where the camera was aiming so at the end when I went to prove I have a good level on the dip stick, the stick is out of the frame. I didn't know it until I got back in the house and downloaded the files. I was hot and tired by then, no way I'm going back out there just to set up a pretend shot. So it's like a Hollywood movie in spirit, you just have to believe it.

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