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    Re: Automotive related T.V. programs

    the commercials are insane. i cant watch most of the shows, it seems like the show interrupts the commercial sets more then anything, and they are using the SHOW to sell things for their advertisers.. its commercials, interrupting commericals. niiice. ideal if you are a corporate executive. not ideal if you want to be entertained. boyd is a jerk on his show. my musclecar is good sometimes, i like to see old iron doing a burnout. i liked shadetree mechanic before they sold out and went to "cranks and chrome".. sellouts..i understand that its all about money and advertising dollars, but when nobody is watching anymore, you arent selling much..

    top gear has our tv shows beat i think. they do it because they love cars..but they are anti American douchebags. too bad the rednecks didnt get em..wonder if the hosts had ever seen deliverance?


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      Re: Automotive related T.V. programs

      Would choose Lou's Nova project

      --------"Old Blue Hair"----------

      over any of the Foose-ster-Mobiles.

      Gimme go over glam!! -- 8)


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        Re: Automotive related T.V. programs

        I think there is something good about each show. I know when they're feeding me B.S or not. I take what I like from each one and forget the rest of it.
        I do watch Pinks almost religiously. I went to a Pinks race, the one where they lose their ride, I can tell you that it is not scripted, almost saw a brawl at one. That episode has not aired yet, so it will be interesting to see how the races are edited. This year it's the best of 7, not 5 like before.


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          Re: Automotive related T.V. programs

          Lou is no.1 in my book, he's the only guy that shows you how to do some cool fabricating. I wouldn't mind him stopping over when i back half my car. That stacey david is pretty smart to , but i could never get over his laugh.


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            Re: Automotive related T.V. programs

            American Muscle Car is amazing... filling me in on things that went down in the 60s that i would otherwise not know about.

            Pinks.......its a dumb show, but it's drag racing.... whats not to like

            Trucks.... i like big trucks

            Wind Tunnel.... catch up on the racing news


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              Re: Automotive related T.V. programs

              For some strange reason, Chop, Cut, Rebuild. Maybe only because
              they always show Dan Woods driving around Huntington Beach.
              I grew up down there and I miss it. The Bricklin was a cool idea
              but I think they went a little overboard, the wheels they chose
              were just plain ugly. I too like Stacey David and Lou Santiago,
              you can't fake that kind of enthusiasm.

              Another show I like is Inside Drag Racing.

              Just groovin' to my own tune.


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                Re: Automotive related T.V. programs

                I've seen them all. They all have good points as well as bad points. I guess my favorite is the powerblock hour in morning on the weekend. I like the bodywork Lou did on his Tempest.



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                  Re: Automotive related T.V. programs

                  I used to like 'shadetree mechanic' back in the day. Real projects without all the in show advertising. Later those two guys got a real nice shop and too much advertising money, and the show went to crap (Two guys garage).


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                    Re: Automotive related T.V. programs

                    Originally posted by milkovich
                    In my opinion the English "Junkyard Wars" was one of the all time best automotive fabrication shows but they ruined it when they "americanized" it with a mountain dew host and "generation X" camera angles.
                    Amen, brother. On both counts. I have never had cable and still made a point of finding ways to watch the English version of Junkyard Wars. I can't think of any other car show that I followed like that.


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                      Re: Automotive related T.V. programs

                      Originally posted by trans am
                      I used to like 'shadetree mechanic' back in the day. Real projects without all the in show advertising. Later those two guys got a real nice shop and too much advertising money, and the show went to crap (Two guys garage).
                      i knew it was going to hell when i turned it on, and they were sitting on shop stools made of aluminum rims, all shiny and such.. and i was right. its not on tv around here anymore. hope they got PAID when they sold out..


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                        Re: Automotive related T.V. programs

                        Originally posted by TheSilverBuick
                        I'll second the Top Gear. Funny how Physic's Scientists can't do a burn out with a manual tran, or who can make the best amphibious vehicle (check the ending out on YouTube :D).
                        reading old posts, i found this. Thanks silver buick! i went and found the vids cause i dug em so much

                        here they are on youtube. I just finished watching them and highly reccomend to any carjunkie. Top Gear is amazing- They have my permission to blow-up whatever they want. That bit with the hilux that wouldnt die was the best piece of television in a long time ( its good im poor otherwise i would just go out and make crazy ass inventions all day.

                        Here are the Three parts to the show.




                        Check these dudes out. Monster garage ain't got nuthin on these guys.

                        Iv'e got a great idea for the van...

                        here was his first water crossing truck ~drool~


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                          Re: Automotive related T.V. programs

                          Originally posted by Rumblytruck
                          The Foose show could be saved. Keep the car makeover part, ditch everything else! Hey, maybe we could "steal" his show and fix it the way we think would be best and then give it back to him!

                          I like Muscle car and cut chop rebuild the best. CCR is harder to find these days. Used to watch every morning before work, now I think it is only on saturday morning.


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                            Re: Automotive related T.V. programs

                            Damn, spent an hour writing a post and lost it with an errant click!

                            Oh well, let's try again.

                            I've been in the local TV, video, cable TV business in various capacities for about 20 years.

                            I decided about 3 years ago that I could produce and (more importantly) sell a car show since I didn't see any that appealed to me, or my perceived target audience. I felt there wasn't a program out there that was directed to the car show, car club, real car loving folks and that I was just the guy to do it.

                            I spent many months producing a 15 show series and many, MANY thousands of dollars promoting it. You can watch some clips in the "watch some clips section" in my virtually ignored website.


                            It was all for naught, as it never saw a second of airtime or made me a single dime.

                            However, all the time, money and effort weren’t a complete waste. In trying to market the program, I ended up getting to shoot about 18 months worth of HRTV, meeting Dave and the other HR guys in the process. During this time I also got to do the field producing on the "Carrera la Panamericana" shows as well as the '05 Drag Week shows… IMHO, the best HRTV shows ever.

                            I've also managed to worm my way into doing lots of ESPN and SPEED shows, occasionally producing… but mainly camera op'in. I've worked on Pinks, Truck Stop, Import Racer, American Thunder… the list goes on.

                            In fact, the only reason I won't be at the big CarJunkie open house is that I'll be producing for ESPN's "RM Classic Car Auction" in Ft. Lauderdale that weekend.

                            So I'm not complaining (much) about my show never seeing air… or making a dime. I would like to share a couple of my hard earned experiences as to programming.

                            1. It is VERY hard to get anything in front of the people who buy programming. I'm told that once you get into the system, it gets much easier. I can believe it as it worked that way with writing for magazines… an old avocation of mine.

                            As a particular painful example… I spent over 7k on a booth at NATPE to show off my program. NATPE is a convention designed specifically for producers and buyers to connect. Speed stopped by my booth, and the head programmer picked up a press kit and sample program and said it looked good and they'd “let me know.” It took 12 weeks for them to let me "no."

                            Discovery Channel was a virtual duplicate, except that they took only 10 weeks to make that decision.

                            I then sent over 200 press kits to TV stations around the county offering the show as a "barter" program, basically free in exchange for 1/2 the ad time.

                            Despite following up by phone every 2 weeks for over 3 months, only 4 program directors could find the time to view the show. 3 of those 4 wanted the program but you can't amortize production with a 3-station syndication deal.

                            2. I did eventually get the program in front of some ad agencies representing some big names in the automotive aftermarket. I was told that the show was very entertaining, but was just too hard to "monetize." Basically, way too lacking in product placement opportunities.

                            Oh well, its probably just sour grapes. My show never went anywhere because it most likely sucked. But just like an ugly baby… its creator (me) thought it was something special. And it did give me an entry into the more plebeian side of the Auto TV industry… and there are worse ways to make a living!

                            I am REALLY looking forward to see what David and his new crew produces on the video side. I have a feeling it will be something special. And if it actually pays for itself… well it will be a revolution and a revelation indeed.

                            My two cents… thanks for reading.


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                              Re: Automotive related T.V. programs

                              Very significant story, Dan.

                              Lots of "tuition" paid at the URL (University of Real Life).

                              Thanks for your very insightful, astute and generous post.


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                                Re: Automotive related T.V. programs

                                Dan, very cool!! I'm going to watch that stuff later when I get off work.

                                I'm kind a "just the facts" person. So I like American Muscle car. The Wife records them on DVR for me. She asks me if I want to watch other shows like Pinks, and overhaulin, I just say "no". Overhaulin was a cool concept, I just don't like how much they "mess" with the person. I can't watch that.

                                I also like any show that has archive photos and film of old racing (drag/salt flats/even nascar). I like nitty-gritty facts and stuff. Any show I can tell that is edited, (over)scripted, and generally fake just makes me annoyed.

                                Yes, Stacey David rules, and anything where I can tell someone is really into thier craft or subject, it pulls through. I didn't like Monster Garage, but I love Jesse James. He actually builds things, and is talented. I like his old Chopper shows.

                                I don't really watch much TV, I think I would if I knew there were some good shows on there.