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My SaturDAY Spent with Speedy Bill & SaturNIGHT Spent at Malcolms Monster Bash

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  • My SaturDAY Spent with Speedy Bill & SaturNIGHT Spent at Malcolms Monster Bash

    This is an adventure story I posted a couple of weeks ago on the HAMB. I thought I would post it on here as well. My decision was whether to edit it to suit this site or post it as is, knowing that a lot of you might not know or recognize the “players” involved. I decided not to edit the story as this post is as much about the people in our hot rod hobby as it is about the museum and cars.

    We all have car pals that we only get a chance to see a couple of times a year and thanks to the internet are able to stay in contact with, which allows us to feel as closer to them, or almost as close, as local car pals.

    Some background is needed for this adventure cuz it’s just a little to out of the ordinary. I don’t run in circles with folks who just hop on a plane for a 24 hour jaunt.

    This past Wed morning I had an email waiting for me when I got to work from Hellraiser, a good HAMB pal from Omaha, asking me if I didn’t have any plans this weekend that he would like me to attend Malcolm’s Monster bash Halloween party in Omaha on Saturday night. If I was willing to he’d pay for my airfare and my own hotel room and pick me up and hall me around.

    I must have read that email 50 times before I called him. I also checked NWA flight info, including price. It was alittle outrageous in cost if you ask me but that’s last minute for ya. So anyway I called him, and after I told him he was CRAZY, I agreed to come. All this is going to be a surprise to not only Malcolm but the rest of the Omaha crew as well.

    Flight was booked, hotel reservations made and talk of a costume is in the works. Hellraiser mentions wouldn’t it be cool if you were the cookie monster. GREAT idea, full face mask and I could pass out cookies at the party. He checked around Omaha for a costume, no luck. I checked around Detroit, no luck. Ok, I can sew and I’m alittle on the creative side, I can make my own. Thursday after work I’m head to the fabric store. As lucky would have it, blue fur was the second bolt of fabric as soon as I walked into the store. Fabric, elastic and Velcro, brought.

    Friday after work I drag out the sewing machine and get to work. Cut and sewed the bottom portion without any hassle. Got about ½ the top part made when the machine broke. DAMN, something wrong with the bobbin thingy. I spend about an hour trying to fix it but I couldn’t and just ran outta time. Had to pack…..and come up with another costume that wouldn’t show my face.

    This is what would have been the perfect costume. Oh well

    Went down to the basement to get my suitcase…..again…. and spotted my biker garb from days gone by. With the helmet on and a bandana across my face, black glasses inside of my red ones, no one would recognize me….right?

    Called Dallas AKA Hellraiser to tell him of the change in costume AND he informed me of the plans for the next afternoon. He had called and arranged a personally guided tour of the Speedway Museum by none other then Speedy Bill HIMSELF! Oh my God, I couldn’t believe it. This was just the icing on the cake. The place is not normally opened on the weekends as we found that out in Aug when we wanted to stop on our way to B’ville for Speed Week. Dallas knows how much I appreciate him arranging this but I just have to say it again. Thanks SO MUCH sweetie for going above and beyond. You’re the best!

    Saturday my sister picks me up for a quick ride to the airport. Good thing it’s only 15 minutes away and my family is cool about driving me there. Saves on outrageous parking costs. Flight was short and uneventful. I edited photos on my laptop the whole two hours.

    The Omaha airport is small compared to Detroit and within 10 minutes of landing I was standing on the curb. Hopped in Dallas’s truck for the drive to Lincoln chatting the whole time on how cool this was and what a surprise we were pulling on all the Omaha guys.

    Speedy Bill and John were waiting for us in the lobby. John is his right hand man and tape records and takes notes of everything Bill says just in case there is a tib-bit of information that hadn’t been spoken before. Introductions were made and the tour started. Bills wearing his imfamous black hat., John’s on the other side of me.

    Now I’m not going to proclaim to know anything about engines, nor can I take notes as fast as Speedy Bill talks and if I would have recorded the 3 ½ hour tour it would be Christmas before the words were transcribed, so I took what notes I could, listened hard and concentrated on what he was saying and took some photos of the placards with info. I relay as much info about each shot as I can BUT I was more interested in actually listening to Bill and HEARING the stories that went behind the different displays.

    We were there for 3 ½ hours and in my opinion a person would need 3 ½ WEEKS to see and read EVERYTHING inside that place.

    The entrance way is very impressive. After signing the guest book and walking up the couple of marble steps Bill went right over to the engine on the left which is a one of the very first V16 Caddy engine built to be used in a production automobile. This exact one was used for racing in the dry lake beds of CA.

    And on the opposite side of the stairs is this

    We stayed to the left as we walked thru this area.

    Harry Miller and Leo Goossen built new 308ci DOHC V8 for the 1932 Indy 500. One of only two ever built

    Still veering to our left is this Indy display thru the years. The façade on the front of the buildings deplict the changes over the years. There are a few steps down into this section.

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    Re: My SaturDAY Spent with Speedy Bill & SaturNIGHT Spent at Malcolms Monster Bash

    Bill then proceeds to go into detail……

    ……regarding this little early racer. A 1914 Cornelian modified and driven by Louis Chevolet in the 1915 Indy 500. Weights less then 1000 lbs and powered by a Sterling 103 ci engine.

    Lots of other memorabilia in this area as well

    A close up of this racer before we steeped back up into the main area

    A little nook on the left that had some wonderful artwork, photographs and memorabilia


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      Re: My SaturDAY Spent with Speedy Bill & SaturNIGHT Spent at Malcolms Monster Bash

      Bill telling us little antidotes, every piece had a story

      I’ve been fascinated with board racing of late. John noticed my interest in the photos and told me his daughter had just finished a board racing diplay upstairs! WOW, I couldn’t hardly wait.

      Dallas had a lot of good questions for Bill who didn’t seem to mind answering anything.

      Here’s where it’s a small hot rod world comes into play. Bill starts talking about this Rajo converstion and I then mention that my girlfriend Megan in OH just purchased a ’53 Chevy with this in it. John then says that Megan called him twice that week regarding gathering info. We got a good laugh outta that one. This photo was taking specificly to send to Megan that night as she had no clue I hopped on a plane and was here. It was a weekend of surprises. From what I understand this is one of two and Megan has the other one.

      Now were getting in to the cars…..what I love. Of course Bill explained about each one

      I’m not a huge truck fan but this thing was sweet!

      Kinda in the middle of this room were some table and chairs set up. Seemed like they were set up for a party/reception type of thing. It wouldn’t surprise me if you could rent the place out for a private function. If I were getting married in the area I would certainly try for my wedding reception to be held here. You can kind see the chair on the side of the photo.


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        Re: My SaturDAY Spent with Speedy Bill & SaturNIGHT Spent at Malcolms Monster Bash

        Mrs Speedy Bill has a yellow taxi fetish. This is only one piece. Upstairs is a whole section with nothing but yellow cab stuff.

        John’s wife had the Speedway shop build this as a surprise for John for their 30th wedding anniversary. What a cool wife!

        He offered me a seat and Bill proceeded to fill me in on all the little details of the car. I especially loved the steering wheel and I see a new one in Big Olds’ future.

        A long ago Michigan built hot rod, Goldbrick. It’s a1933 Ford Cabriolet. Built in Lincoln Park Michigan by Ernie Szeleski starting in 1946 and completed in 1956. Won Best of Show in the 1958 Detroit Autorama.

        Even the Michigan Hot Rod Assoc was well represented AND I’m thinking that display cases look exactly like the ones that were used for the 50th anniversary of the Detroit Autorama in for their club memoriabilia display.

        Built and designed by Frank Kurtis in the late 1940’s. Made of steel, aluminum and fiberglass. Between 24-36 cars and kits were sold.

        Ford experimental 289 from 1968. 3 were produced, this is the only one that exists

        Bill even took us in the back work room


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          Re: My SaturDAY Spent with Speedy Bill & SaturNIGHT Spent at Malcolms Monster Bash

          I know we have some sign lovers/painters on the HAMB so these are for you

          The hallways had A LOT of car club plaquers. I thought of BobK who collects them. It’s funny how certain objects or places remind you of certain friends.

          Loved this piece of artwork which was displayed on a table with chairs around it. A person could actually sit and really study it if you chose. Lots of this artists work is also on display in the Blackhawk Museum in CA

          His Petersen, which he told us was his most prized.

          Bill told us he used the number 4 on everything cuz he could only paint using a ruler.

          Took us in the back machine shop area and proceeded to fill us in on flathead water pumps. I wasn’t sure if I should/could take photos in this area but he didn’t say I couldn’t. I’ve been in a few shops where they asked me not too.


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            Re: My SaturDAY Spent with Speedy Bill & SaturNIGHT Spent at Malcolms Monster Bash

            After spending an afternoon with Speedy Bill I feel confident I could hold my own in a conversation regarding flatheads and their water pumps.

            I think Bill got a kick outta me telling him my record collection is hot glued to the ceiling in my basement, his is on his wall.

            Even had a Cushman display. I guess they were a HUGE employer in Lincoln back in the day.

            This floor would certainly be flathead heaven. This is on the right hand side as you enter this area

            I took this shot not necessarily because of the car but to try to show the vastness of this section on this floor. This is looking to the left as you walk in this area

            Back over on the right

            With original molds on the wall

            Back over on the left now, we’re walking down this line of hot rods as Bill tells us about each one, when it was built, where it was driven, what covers of magazines it appeared. Bill never ceased to amazed me at the amount of information he knew about each items.

            They stretched the cab so he could drive it comfortably

            I liked this little thing, plain and simple


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              Re: My SaturDAY Spent with Speedy Bill & SaturNIGHT Spent at Malcolms Monster Bash

              Notice the blown up photo on the wall in the background. That was taken outside their old storefront. Bill and Marty ( who STILL works for him) are in the photo along with the original neon signs hanging on the wall.

              Bill stated this was one of the earliest hot rods know to exist

              Notice the spring going down the side

              Besides talking about he different engines, Bill also fills us in on the men BEHIND building these engines. Bill talked highly of a man called Robert Roof and had a large display of his engines

              Model “C”, duel overhead cams, ModeT, 2 intake values per cylinder, 2 exhaust valves per cylinder, 2 updraft Schebler carbutors, Bosch magneto, 5 main bearing billet crankshaft, star connecting rods.


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                Re: My SaturDAY Spent with Speedy Bill & SaturNIGHT Spent at Malcolms Monster Bash

                Everything was done first class. The displays were just awesome. You could tell a lot of thought and playing went into everything.

                Who would have thought to display spark plugs???

                The “Model T Accessories” area was mind-boggling

                I think Bill said there were 70 different water pumps made for the Model T

                Very rare Bill said and the little marker lights next to them even rarer


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                  Re: My SaturDAY Spent with Speedy Bill & SaturNIGHT Spent at Malcolms Monster Bash

                  This display was completely made with accessories

                  To help keep you outta the ditch on slippery days

                  The accessory area did seem to be Bill’s favorite as we spent a lot of time in this area and he seemed to go into greater detail. I really enjoyed it as well.

                  More Rajo’s for my pal Megan. I think he said they have seven all together and some are one of one.


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                    Re: My SaturDAY Spent with Speedy Bill & SaturNIGHT Spent at Malcolms Monster Bash

                    Here’s where is gets freaky, it’s a small hot rod world” again. As soon as I spot the board racing display I’m all over it. John fills me in on how one of his twin daughters Jess designed and built it. WOW, very cool. He then mentions that she is building a 32 roadster and also mentions that she is going to a Halloween party in Omaha with car people. “Really” I say, “at Malcolm’s, I mean Nick’s place”. He say yep. I tell him we’re also going there and me showing up is a surprise. Well he turns a little white and states that he mentioned to his daughter that I was coming to town and since her and Nick work together, and she LURKS on the HAMB, that she might have mentioned it to him. He gets right on the phone and leaves a message for her not to mention anything about me cuz it’s a surprise.

                    Well we come to find out that John had his facts a little sku’ed when he first mentioned me to his daughter, telling her my name was Hot Rod Louise and I was from New York. So, when she mentioned these facts to Malcolm he didn’t know who she was talking about but had his suspicions, going so far as to looking at my previous posts looking for clues and calling all the guys asking if they had heard anything about me coming to town. So, in a nutshell the idea was in the back of the guys head BUT none of them thought it was true.

                    So, after John gets off the phone he proceeds to fill me in on his HAMB lurking, ‘32 roadster building, single daughter named Jess who designed this display. Oh yeah, did I mention she crews on John’s streamliner during Speed Week at B’ville?

                    If more details are wanted regarding this display, I’m going to make jess answer them. Oh yeah, she’s trying to finish her roadster in time to debut at the Lonsestar RoundUp in Austin next year.

                    Ok, enough pimpin of my new pal Jess. More about her and her roadster later

                    Tour continues

                    Wooden frame rails


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                      Re: My SaturDAY Spent with Speedy Bill & SaturNIGHT Spent at Malcolms Monster Bash

                      On to the peddle cars. Bill has the largest collection in the world and these photos are just a fraction as I knew I was running out of card memory and I had a gig card in my camera

                      The oldest one known to exist. Made a few years before the automobile

                      I told Bill about the SFVISBDF and their video’s on YouTube. I told John I’d send him the link as they were not to be missed video if your into Soap Box racing

                      Bill always had my undivided attention

                      Got to see a back storage area where all the artwork is kept and categorized

                      We were also shown the new library area. If you have any old racing articles, photos, documents, mags etc that you’d like to donate, let them know. They have some holes in the collection they are looking to fill.

                      I would imagine sorting through everything is a full time job

                      In the stairwell heading to the next floor is a lunch box collection like I’d never seen before. If I remember correctly he said it belongs to an employee.

                      Bill bought this in Mexico at a little carnival and had call the cars repainted like famous race cars. He even turned it on for us.


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                        Re: My SaturDAY Spent with Speedy Bill & SaturNIGHT Spent at Malcolms Monster Bash

                        It’s getting late and Bill has plans with his wife. I could have stayed there all night given the opportunity BUT we had one more special item to check out back on the first floor. The streamliner that John built and has raced many times at B’ville breaking records. The streamliner holds one record still and has exceeded the 300 MPH mark.

                        The wheels are made out of aluminum. John filled us in on many details. I believe he said he raced it for the first time in 1989. Again, I wish we would have had more time to discuss the streamliner BUT I know I’ll see it and him at B’ville next year.

                        After many thanks were given and an exchange of business cards we headed off for the second part of this adventure. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Speedy Bill and John both for taking the time to show us the Museum. You can’t even begin to imagine how much it meant to me that you went out of your way to spend a Saturday showing us around. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m truly looking forward to seeing you both again in the near future.

                        So, we’re in Dallas’s truck heading to his place to pick up Hellraiser. I think he didn’t bring it to the airport cuz he was worried I’d have too much junk with me and it wouldn’t fit. Little did he know I travel light.

                        Once at his place I get the grand tour. LOVE his little roadster.

                        Throw everything in Hellraiser

                        and head back to Omaha to grab something to eat and check in before heading to the party.

                        Sunset from the seat of a hot rod

                        This is the view I got when I walked out the front lobby doors of the Holiday Inn. Yep, Dallas is a pilot

                        So the plan was for Dallas to enter the party first with my camera and me a few minutes later. He dropped me off at the corner and I waited a few minutes. I stuck on my helmet, bandana, leather gloves and black glasses. The ONLY thing that showed was my eyes. Well I walked up the driveway and low and behold Gary AKA Hot-Rod Roadster was standing right there and looked right into my eyes and KNEW. He kept saying I don’t believe it’s true, your really here, etc and of course lots of hugs and stuff.

                        At this point other HAMB folks started coming outside. I got a VERY warm welcome.
                        Left to right, RobLee, me and Dick AKA: X-Derilict. I’m holding his “nuts”

                        Jeff AKA: Karls Kustom, Me and Nick AKA: Malcolm, the host of the party.

                        Larry AKA: SoloLobo giving me a warm welcome. Boy was he surprised

                        Left to right, Jeff AKA: Highboy32, SoloLobo, Me and Malcolm

                        Most of the HAMB guys that were at the party

                        Me and Jess. She had photos with her of the 34 that she’s building. We had fun chatting hot rods, Speed Week, her board racing display in the museum, different traditional events around the country, and the HAMB. I told her I was going to drag her outta lurker statis and get her more involved with the other women in the hobby. Hopefully she’ll come to Detroit Autorama with the guys from Omaha and she can meet some of the other HAMB folks that attend. Come on Jess…..say “hi” to everyone, they won’t bite, I promise.

                        RobLee with his wife and me

                        Malcolm decorated not only his house but his project on the side of his garage

                        Just about everyone at the party dressed up


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                          Re: My SaturDAY Spent with Speedy Bill & SaturNIGHT Spent at Malcolms Monster Bash

                          Ian AKA: PoWhite Trash, his wife/GF, and Josh AKA: Big Otis

                          The Mercury’s played in the basement. They ROCKED the house. Folks were dancing everywhere. If you wanted to carry on a conversation you HAD to step outside. Big Otis on Bass

                          The rest of the band

                          Jeff AKA KarlsKustom, man did he have fun with this costume and the ladies

                          Lots of guys drove their hot rods even though it was alittle on the chilly side….hard core for sure!
                          Dick AKA: Xderilict

                          Ian, AKA: PoWhiteTrash

                          Hot-Rod Roadsters wagon

                          PoWhiteTrash and Hellraiser

                          Malcolm’s ride

                          Highboy32’s wife

                          This wall WAS white when the party started….in fact it looked like a freshly painted wall.

                          Reminiscent of my Autorama party a couple of years ago only this time I didn’t end up with paint in my hair and eyes

                          It’s so cool when half a dozen car clubs can get together at one party with no drama or hassles.

                          I think Highboy32 and his wife had the best costumes. Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife. They were hysterical

                          I won for long distance

                          There’s no drought in Omaha

                          Larry AKA: SoloLobo and Dan AKA: Hatman

                          Malcolm’s girlfriend….ex-girlfriend after the party I think??? :o


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                            Re: My SaturDAY Spent with Speedy Bill & SaturNIGHT Spent at Malcolms Monster Bash

                            Larry, Gary, Dan and Larry’s daughter Carrie

                            Dallas, Gary, Me and Larry

                            It’s getting late so we decide to head back to the hotel. Everyone makes plans to meet in the morning for breakfast across from our hotel.

                            I like to thank Malcolm for hosting such a kick ass Monster Bash. I had a FANTASTIC time with my Omaha brothers and sisters. You folks really know how to make a person feel VERY, VERY welcome. Your hospitality was was much appreciated. I can’t wait to see everyone again and hang out and party.

                            The next morning we all meet at Perkins

                            We have a yummy breakfast and chat about the nights antics. Hung around outside for abit just hanging out

                            Back row, L2R: Hatman, Malcolm, Hellraiser, RobLee, SoloLobo, Highboy32
                            Front row, L2R: Malcolms very cool sister from Denver, Marina,, Highboy32’s sons, Me and Hot-Rod Roadster

                            Unknown to me, Dallas had one more surprise up his sleeve. EVERYONE was escorting me to the airport! How cool is that!

                            Off we go, Dan on his Harley and Gary and Marina in the wagon



                            Jeff and the boys



                            Took a quick tour thru the downtown area on the way to the airport


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                              Re: My SaturDAY Spent with Speedy Bill & SaturNIGHT Spent at Malcolms Monster Bash

                              Once we got curbside at the airport everyone parked and hoped out. Regular folks that were milling around didn’t know what to think. Lots of folks started taking photos of the cars and Dallas walked over to settle the cops down. He use to work with them so they gave us a little slack regarding being “parked”.

                              Started to say our goodbyes




                              Hot-Rod Roadster


                              My host Hellraiser who I’d like to thank from the bottom of my heart for a fun filled weekend. I had an AWESOME time thanks to you. You’re the GREATEST! Thanks so much!

                              I’d also like to thank everyone else who made me feel so special all weekend long….like a rockstar! We might not see each other very often but I feel a special bond with my pals in Omaha and I look forward to planning some events together for next year. I’m so looking forward to hosting everyone here in Detroit for the Autorama in March. Love you guys! XOXOXOXOXO