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    Thank you SBG, looks like the attendance is down this year, easy for you to get around.
    Melbourne Australia

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      Awesome trip report.


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        Thank you for the pics -
        Phil / Omaha


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          Super pics! All of that and it's a shame I'll go to bed tonight thinking about what Borla is now into. That's...
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            Originally posted by 65RHDEER View Post
            Thank you SBG, looks like the attendance is down this year, easy for you to get around.
            it's a lot bigger, also, Tuesday is usually a slow day and it ramps up to the weekend. But we will see, the Hoonigan burnyard was pretty packed.
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              My unsolicited comments:

              Favorite #1, Chevy Panel

              Click image for larger version

Name:	s1.jpg
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ID:	1328332

              Favorite #2, 68/70 Mustang

              Click image for larger version

Name:	s2.jpg
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              Car I'd most want to borrow

              Click image for larger version

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              Nooooo, not round lights on that!

              Click image for larger version

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              These seats I like quite a bit for a desert off-roader:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	s5.jpg
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ID:	1328336

              This is for, like, snow removal? And good for if you don't have to fit between other cars. Wonder how many lbs. force/speed

              Click image for larger version

Name:	s6.jpg
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              Orange car: All that work and it just looks like Disney/Pixar

              Click image for larger version

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              Yes on the venting. Beautiful, functional.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	s8.jpg
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              Why the sudden interest in front end linkage? Tee-hee...

              Click image for larger version

Name:	s9.jpg
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              Thx for great pics, wonder if I'll ever get to that event, probably not I suppose.


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                Great pics, thank you!

                I really like the aluminum slots on the early Bronco. I wish they were readily available (affordable) in large sizes.
                The Kindig green Pantera looked great out of context.
                1997 Ranger 5.0L HO, GT40 heads/tubular intake, 65mm TB, 1.7rr, B303, Tri-Y headers, dual 2.5" exhaust, Flowmaster mufflers, T5 trans, Tri-Ax shifter, CenterForce Dual Friction clutch, 8.8 Traction Lok 3.55 gears, Cobra 13" front brakes, Cobra 11.65" rear discs.
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                  Nice stuff. That white Mustang is radical.
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                    Just saw this, and all I can say is WOW:

                    I read the entire article and it is worth it.... will have to look it up on RingBrother's website for better details as they are released!
                    Patrick & Tammy
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                      Day 2 .... I can't believe it's already in the books....
                      My next project is a new truck for my wife's SAR endeavors... it'll be a flatbed with a dog box instead of a bed.... so lots of pictures for that next endeavor

                      neat idea on these windows. Makes them a lot less expensive to build.- basically tempered, window glass

                      liked a lot of what is going on here - this is more for my blazer

                      all of the RVs I looked at had this layout - bathroom right behind the driver

                      what I really thought was neat about this one - it's a flatbed with a camp pod on top - thus you can still use the truck as a truck by simply removing the pod

                      remember the top? this is the other idea for the top for my blazer

                      will be making these for all my rigs - my wife has a bit of a vertical challenge

                      more trays

                      clever place to put the water tank

                      a dressing room that opens like a awning

                      with hot water for a shower

                      more overland

                      really like this lower design

                      Earthroamer.... 1 million plus dollar overlanders

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                        Just one more day and it's done. Last night, had a great dinner with the esteemed Mr. Lohnes. It was nice to catch up over the best steak in Vegas (NY NY)
                        and a reminder of the days gone by

                        My favorite times at SEMA is 'early' in the morning.... 8 am and there's not much happening outside - so you can get pictures pretty easily

                        I'll probably never own one, but always think they're cool


                        another amazing car... just like all the other ones, and absolutely perfect

                        and miles and miles of cars

                        a bug... really

                        just another bronco and an another blazer

                        and some 'hyper' car

                        a cheetah

                        and yet another perfect short bed

                        more than a few Corvettes

                        just another overland landcruiser

                        lots of Optima cars

                        and yet another perfect chev truck

                        I think this is the tallest DOT approved tire you can get

                        never did see this run on the Optima track

                        and more optima


                        this 'corvair' was interesting

                        I still haven't decided what the donor was

                        two of the people who really helped in my learning at Portland

                        lot of work in this

                        keep in mind all of this is outside - for the general public.... kind of the cars that didn't make the show cut... not completely true but true enough

                        lot of random cars in the tool/paint area

                        and bikes

                        more ideas for my wife's jeep

                        had a nice chat with this guy about his FJ40. This is at the Builder's competition... yes, it's that good

                        Doing it all wrong since 1966


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                          I'm fascinated by this suspension design...

                          to me, this is cooler then the Hemi Gremmy

                          more ideas

                          I liked a lot about this van

                          another builder's competition car

                          notice the wheel wells match the interior

                          as is this

                          not into this but wow the skill to build it

                          cool truck

                          one of several Ring Bros cars started as a 48 farm truck

                          yes, even a Pinto in the builder's competition

                          and a something

                          eavesdropping on some Porsche purists made this my favorite build... they were not pleased

                          kind of cool

                          needed and cool

                          more stuff

                          love this color and the car

                          interesting truck

                          I'm guessing this is for homesick Indian or Chinese Overlanders?

                          more Optima

                          Not Donny Popp's... but in talking to the owner I showed him a picture of my car and got a compliment I'll bask in for awhile - he said "yeah, I've seen your car on the Optima website and really, really like it"

                          Odd but cool

                          end this here
                          Doing it all wrong since 1966


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                            Cool Photo's.
                            The Ernie Boch Kermit the frog Pantara is an awesome ride.


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                              the last day starts with a Corvette

                              and Ridetech seems to have fully embraced C5 spindles - this time a suspension kit for c10s

                              remember what I said about outside cars? this one is absolutely perfect and on a ridetech frame.... and it's flawless, but still, not an attention grabber so outside it goes.... wish it was mine.... it's a beautiful car that everything is done right one it

                              compare and contrast to this race car Vega... it's not perfect, it's nice but it's inside because it's different

                              when this one runs, I want a ride.... bb cadillac guessing 500 but nothing on it says what.... it is 3 dueces and shows a lot of attention to detail. obviously doesn't run because of the bluetooth cooling hoses

                              oh will there be some hurt feelings.... a Chinese FJ40 body... personally, I think it's just desserts.... it's also a metal top (not fiberglass like the originals)

                              neat idea.... hope it can survive heat cycles... that said, name brand product so it should....

                              someday soon my pretty

                              or you

                              Brembo has in-house capability to build custom calipers. their claim is it costs the same as an off-the shelf.... how true that is? I have no idea but it's what was said. My question was a custom caliper that puts 14" rotors on a corvette spindle....

                              custom, carbon fiber/billet wheels.... no price

                              nice rides

                              blown international

                              I suspect all the Panteras were there

                              a rare scout indeed - real patena AND rocker panels.

                              canadian Nova

                              liked the window hinge idea

                              new idea in floors.... warping

                              nice truck, though

                              $1700 (front or rear) and they're made big so you can cut them down....

                              the 59 Corvette above. Has a power-actuated hood... nothing says street car.. err... lawn car better

                              simply wow

                              truly my favorite.... everything was done perfectly.... and that blue is amazing

                              a donk with donk slicks

                              I could almost like this one

                              I am in Carson City NV tonight.... picking up a 454 for Paul in Reno then heading home.... to a huge snowstorm that is supposed to hold off until Sunday... wish me luck
                              Doing it all wrong since 1966


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                                Thanks for the great photos.
                                Solutions are often obvious once you get the questions right.