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  • Short Intro's

    Hello everyone, my name's Gary Campbell, I'm 44 and I live in
    Ridgecrest Ca. I graduated from UTI in 1983 and I've been a professional truck driver for the past 15 years. I have been interested in cars as long as I can remember. This forum is the best idea anyone
    has had in a long time, thanks!
    Just groovin' to my own tune.

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    Re: Short Intro's

    Welcome! --

    Owner or Operator?

    What brand equipment?

    Whatcha usually hauling?

    What routes ya running?

    How many miles a month?

    Are these good, or tough times for CA truckers?

    Any car projects going on?

    Do you see many old cars
    resting under shadetrees along
    your oft-traveled hwys. in need
    of a new lease on life? Got your
    eyes on a few along the way?


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      Re: Short Intro's

      OK, here goes!

      Company driver, Harrison & Nichols

      2000 Freightliner Century, 380 horse Caterpillar 10 spd trans.

      I haul Soda Ash, used mostly for making glass

      Hwy 395 from Trona Ca, to Boron Ca,

      About 8,000 miles per month

      Bad for me, I climb into the truck at 2 am and if I'm lucky I'm
      climbing out at 4 pm!

      1971 Mercury Montego, 351 Cleveland 4 barrel, C-6 and a 9"
      3.25 traction loc. And I enjoy working on it when I'm not
      spending 14 hours a day in that damn truck!

      You wouldn't believe the stuff I see up here, It's everywere.
      I have to be carefull, otherwise I'd have 25 cars in my backyard.
      The good thing is, the relative humidity up here is like 8-10%
      so nothing rusts.

      Here's a short list of the cars I see every day,
      '69 AMX, '73 Trans Am, '67 Mustang fastback, '70 GTO,
      a 50's Henry J, '70 Challenger, Oh, and remember the
      "LA Dart" wheel stander? It's sitting at a garage out in
      Trona Ca.
      Just groovin' to my own tune.


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        Re: Short Intro's


        You've got a great car!! 1971s are wayyyyyyy underappreciated,
        when actually they were the top-of-the-peak in a lot of ways.
        That's one heckuva drivetrain, & definitely the best interior!

        Thanks for lettin' us ride shotgun w/you through your post!

        Post some stories from the "road-life" as often as
        you can. A lot of us here also have white-line fever. ;)

        Keep those eagle eyes peeled for signs of neglected iron!
        That's one terrific list you've spotted...loved the "LA Dart".

        My cap's off to you, Gary.

        OTR drivers are among the best in the world.

        Stay safe!! --


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          Re: Short Intro's

          Ditto..........Welcome...........Enjoy ;D ;D ;D