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Anybody using a camera that's not a cell phone?

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  • Anybody using a camera that's not a cell phone?

    My lens cover is shattered on the cell phone and while it made good pictures once upon a time, I'm not looking to replace it just because of the camera. I may at some point try to fix it but my eyesight is not what it once was, nor is the feeling in my fingers. I frankly would rather have a dedicated camera ... to the point,

    Are any of you all using a dedicated camera / DSLR, or have any favorites or recommendations? The ones I find are either too feature rich ($$$) or made for kids. I'm not interested enough to want to figure out f Stops or emulated ISO settings, just a decent point and shoot with auto and manual focus for macro closeups. Please feel free to share any experieces you have. Thanks!
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    Yes. Especially since I don't own a cellphone with a camera.
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      I have the old Canon I used to use for sale. It'll do stills and video so it swings both ways. Shoot me a PM and we'll talk - I don't need a ton of $$ for it.


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        I have a Ricoh WG 80
        I loathe Kodak PixPro (batteries)
        and won't buy another Polaroid

        I'm not in love with the Ricoh. I've also had Canon's offering.

        So what's wrong with them. Some don't come with rechargeable batteries. Why is this a huge issue, download pictures, forget to disconnect and turn off the camera - then replace batteries. You'd think I'd learn, you'd be wrong. Polaroid.... also known as the wobble camera. The pictures before that were blury? yeah, Polaroid.

        Canon is just too expensive for what is (really) old tech. Look at their numbers and you'll realize a cheap cell phone replacement has better pixals.

        All have some form of image stabilization and none do well. Pretty sure I just don't understand what those words mean to them.

        Either step up to a camera with a replaceable lens (e.g. Nikon D3200 - my wife bought it for me 10 plus years ago, all the pictures at SEMA are with it). I like it because you can knob it pick the picture which represents what you're shooting or just put on automatic - it's flash happy IMO, or you can set all the settings and get some professional level pictures. Not really cheap, but I bet I have more money in the PAS cameras then I do in it.

        I get what you want, if you find it, let me know. I've been looking for years - been looking recently at the YouTube cams - not the cheapest but like GoPro or DLR(?) 3 letters, starts with D and everyone seems to like it but it's more move then stop action.
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          3 Go pro hero 8
          2 dlsr cameras. 18 lens
          2 36 mm


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            When my lens on my cell phone finally got so damaged it was worthless , I just got another phone . I love have a camera with me all the time .
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