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Runway top-speed crash.

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    Re: Runway top-speed crash.

    Nik...good thinkin'.

    Fast is a pretty relative term too I guess. When I was 16, my anemic 305 powered Monte SS (that was probably making all of 150hp by the time I got it) was really "fast" to a 16 year old kid. In reality is was a horrific pig, but with two chamber flowmasters on it, "speed" was replaced by "noise" two terms that mean much the same thing at that age.

    It's insane that the kid even had access to that car. My dad always had cool stuff growing up, and my fondest memories still reside being pressed into the back seat of his 1964 Pontiac GTO. He still has the car, and I've still never driven it (now I'm 28). Once we started racing together (and I had a couple years of driving experince under my belt) I developed a far more realistic picture of what high speed driving is and what the associated risks are. Those are a couple of things anyone under the age of 25 (or without some genuine experience behind the wheel of a race car or serious driver training won't get).

    Turk, you are 100% right. I was "that guy" a couple times back in the day that got the hell out of the car. Unfortunately a lot of kids don't have the balls to say anything and fear getting labeled a "chicken" (or in my case far worse..he).

    That which you manifest is before you.