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      1998 Mopar Lemans motor from Caldwell. Wish We still had it handy.
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        My favorite flattie wears a set of those ELCO twin heads...and is driven all the time. Joe, I know you know who that is!
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          That's awesome! It looks like an a/fuel flathead!
          Originally posted by TC
          also boost will make the cam act smaller


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            Originally posted by ls7gto View Post
            My favorite flattie wears a set of those ELCO twin heads...and is driven all the time. Joe, I know you know who that is!

            POSIES_2006_0007 by Joe Grippo, on Flickr
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              Some pretty hardcore FE porn on eGay atm...
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                So here is a weird little piece that I got with a old front engine dragster. Its a fabricated aluminum Chrysler rearend from back in the day. Anyone have any idea who would have done these back in the day? I have never seen one before.
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                  I just came by this on in the TransAM section.
                  Roy Woods Racing Dry-sump AMC, wow!
                  Notice the one of none Intake on there, I wish I could see more of it!


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                    Not the best pic but here is that Roy Woods intake on a T/A Javelin.


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                      Originally posted by Brian Lohnes View Post
                      Latham axial flow supercharger....

                      I think that we saw one of these at RK machine in Ripley OK when we toured their shop during HRPT 2012... lots of one off stuff there!!
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                        Here are a few for the Chevy fellas.
                        This was just posted on forum by user 'Dr L-88'
                        "This is an original Reynolds aluminum big block that was designed to be run without liners. I have another one that came from Smokey Yunick in the 80s that he had installed iron liners in along with bronze lifter bushings. He worked it over pretty good."

                        Reynolds block from Smokey's

                        These are original magnesium valve covers

                        This is a prototype dual pickup oil pump for big blocks

                        Here is a fully degreed small block blalncer from TRACO

                        This is a cast aluminum front cover for big blocks with integral scavenging pump for dry sump system. This was designed by Smokey Yunick

                        Here are some earlier comments on these blocks from another user 'Pigpen' whom worked at Traco.
                        "I remember the first design 427 Aluminum blocks, the ones which were all Aluminum without cylinder sleeves. They required a special honing process for which Sunnen produced honing pads to accommodate. The process honed back the Aluminum but left the Silicon in place (trick and back then a secretive alloy), so the cylinders would not wear as rapidly. They also required special rings and coated pistons (Iron coatings).

                        TRACO had a small number of Aluminum 327 blocks as well, which required the same process (actually they were procurred by Penske)

                        The one "weight" item which I remember as having the largest effect for engine life, was Carbon Fiber push rods, with your hand out and eyes closed, a person could carefully place one in your hand and you would not notice it. Back in those days, before overhead cams and without roller bearing lifters, the weight of the push rods was a large factor in cam lobe life. TRACO tried to get the manufacturer interested in producing Push Rods and or Wrist Pins, but at that time, the cost was prohibitive as the process required a large and very expensive Autoclave, high pressure, high temperature, controlled atmosphere mold press / oven. Today I'm sure the process would be (is) a fairly common process.

                        The Aluminum Cyl Heads were another PITA, requiring a special coating in the water jackets to keep the heat in, heating the heads and freezing the valve seats to replace them, then a special orbital valve seat grinder. Lots of time and work getting those ready."
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                          Not super rare, but was cool to see a set of olds batten heads on a car while on the 08 power tour.

                          Also included is a shot inside the storage room at speedy bill's in Lincoln NE. I bet there's some history on those shelves...
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