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Real life trumps the internet everytime

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    Re: Real life trumps the internet everytime

    3 years ago....

    Had recently purchased my '85 Z28, took it on a road trip to SE Ky for some camping fun with the wife and kids(they went ahead of me by 4 days, I had to work).

    Longest drive I've made with the car to date....did very well on the way down, and ran great while I was down there.

    3 days later, time to head back to Indy......rather uneventful up 75 from London to Lexington, east on 64 to Louisville.

    Around the Waddy/Peytona exit, I start noticing smoke coming out the back of the Camaro, and that it isn't pulling like it should. I pull off to the side, wife comes up sreaming " your car is puking trans fluid all over the van!". Rear seal took a dirt nap....YAY!!

    For some odd reason, I happened to have one in the hatch.
    Limped it up to the rest area, jacked it up and swapped it out with a screwdriver, a hammer and a chunk of wood I found in the grass. Had a couple of quarts of ATF, topped off the trans. Off we go....

    Make it through Louisville, get back into Indiana. Make i as far as Scottsburg, header bolts start backing out. Pull over again, burning hands and swearing like a sailor while cinching down the afore-mentioned bolts with a pair of Vise-grips.

    Fan belt let go just north of Seymour, fabbed one up with a roll of duct tape.....lasted for a week!


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      Re: Real life trumps the internet everytime

      Drag Week 1

      Steve Atwell replacing a lifter in his LEGIT real deal factory 1968 Hemi Dart at some gas station on the way to Colombus Ohio.

      I was covering the event, so I could not help...but I could watch and listen to the local yokels who happened by and offered to help Steve, including one incredibly ummm, "intelligent" kid who yapped incessantly about a race car he drove (this kid rode up on a 10 speed). Steve was asses and elbows getting things pulled apart and put back together and at one point I thought he was going to reach over and close this kid's wind pipe for him so he could concentrate on what he was doing.

      I followed Steve and his wife to Colombus that night...with the 4.88 gears the car had in it, he could do 55 on the highway. It was a slow ride, but the entire time I really couldn't believe who and what I was driving behind. That thing would list like the Andrea Doria on off ramps. Steve and his wife went through hell that week, but were always smiling. Maybe there were fumes leaking through the floor.



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