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  • stuck in 4wd

    we have an older (1986) 4wd subaru station wagon we use for local winter driving here in the mountains, the 4wd is electrically actuated with a push button in the shifter. the car is stuck in 4wd and won't disengage. I checked the switch it's actuating (latching and unlatching) properly, and it's attempting to send a signal through the harness (I checked for continuity further down the harness bundle), but nothing happens, it does not disengage, any suggestions.

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    Re: stuck in 4wd

    Life is too short to drive boring cars!


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      Re: stuck in 4wd

      next time post in tech.... that said, perhaps message Boxer3main he might know.
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        Re: stuck in 4wd

        I'll guess that the switch completes the circuit by ground..
        you try unpluging the wires at the tranny or transfercase..
        if it pop out from that little fix you got a short somewhere..
        if not the selnoid or whatever on a sub inguages the 4wd is sticking ,or linkage hanging up..
        I'd think with a button on shifter it's a short or the selnoid is faulty
        you check for a fuse