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license plate in carry on luggage? TSA issues?

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    Re: license plate in carry on luggage? TSA issues?

    Originally posted by milner351
    Fed Ex or UPS overnight it instead, dont give the TSA any more stuff than they already have, like two of my Airmen's Playstation/Xbox and all the DVDs that were in our big green checked bags when we deployed the last time. They cut the locks off and took anything of value out of the bags, and this was marked military baggage.

    happens all the time..
    wifes dad and mom go to Hawaii every year for 5 weeks, we go every two years for 3..
    and mail anything of value..
    as the TSA think it has the right to take what they want..
    they didn't like it when they pulled us aside on the way home from honeymoon, and dropped my carry on.. with 4k of camera's in it..
    they didn't like the bill either

    I'd never check anything of value, knowing they can open your bags and take out whatever they want.. now you prove it was there.. they suck


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      Re: license plate in carry on luggage? TSA issues?

      Four years ago I flew to Kansas City to buy my '62 Suburban (in Joplin), and drive it home. I checked my bag and a tool box. In the bag, I had a pair of YearOne license tags from work. I was going to give one to the guy I was buying the truck from, and I was going to stick the other one on the back of the truck and drive it 1,000 miles home. (Pfffft... it's an old truck, I just bought it, and I checked--you can, in fact, drive a newly-purchased vehicle without a license plate).

      When I got to the guy's place, I dug through my suit case, and the two YO tags were gone. ####ers.

      I ended up driving the truck home without issue, and promptly put a replacement YearOne tag on the back of it, and proceeded to drive it all around Jackson County, and down into Atlanta until I got a real license plate.

      9 months later.



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        Re: license plate in carry on luggage? TSA issues?

        It isn't the TSA that is taking your stuff. It would take a fair amount of conspiracy as there are usually three plus TSA people working at the internal inspection station. They are definitely the ones who cut the locks off. I would look at the airline ramp worker for the missing stuff. My insider stopped telling me stories when I started talking about finding the people. Thieves grrrr....

        Well I have stopped buying stuff for cars I don't own. Is that a step in the right or wrong direction?