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Loosing both front tires at a F1.

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    Re: Loosing both front tires at a F1.

    Originally posted by Brian Lohnes
    Not being an engineer or anything, I'd guess if he was braking and one spindle/hub snapped off the other would be soon to follow because of the additional force being placed on it.

    Like Antron Brown's wheel stud failure at Phoenix, once one broke, the rest were soon to follow because the force on them kept getting multiplied as the other studs broke.

    My completely uneducated guess.

    We have a winner!! That happened in practice. F1 does not allow the cars to be tested on track anymore so new parts are tested in the practice sessions. The no testing rule is about as dumb as it gets and produces these types of failure. F1 is always walking the thin line of reliability and failure, this time they crossed it spectacularly. They need to go back and test their FEA systems, they clearly got it wrong.