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Talk about early hemis..

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  • Talk about early hemis..

    Awesome early New Yorker with interesting story ;).

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    Re: Talk about early hemis..

    I was lucky to hear one run, road bound, speed limit (55 +/-) looked total restore.
    as unique as a flat six or a true boxer four..or a 396... one just has to look if they go rumbling through the neighborhood.
    The one that was local appeared to be a 1958- late 50s and for sale, disappeared last year. The old hemi is definately engines that do not sound like the others...a casual largeness with realtime downdraft... priceless.

    scania v8, 3408, damn, I am rambling on...
    it seems the best get cut from production. It is sickening to me.. :
    Previously boxer3main
    the death rate and fairy tales cannot kill the nature left behind.