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Memories of a NY Dragstrip

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  • Memories of a NY Dragstrip

    Nostalgic look courtesy of the NY Times

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    Re: Memories of a NY Dragstrip

    That was a good read.
    On an almost related note, I was just writing about the May 11 frost, what it does to injecteds and carbs...

    My old carb is still using the same amount too..doing the same exact things...23 years never taken apart.
    when IS consistency the winner? :
    Previously boxer3main
    the death rate and fairy tales cannot kill the nature left behind.


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      Re: Memories of a NY Dragstrip

      Check out the Project cars section, my friend owns that dragster in the picture "Hellzapoppin". Theres current pictures of it
      in there. The track was 20 minutes from my home and there is lots of local guys I know that raced there.Its to bad its gone,
      heres the web site for more info.


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        Re: Memories of a NY Dragstrip

        dick moroso wanted to buy it and reopen before he bought west palm beach
        the cosmopolitan elite in freakin WINGdale , said no no no
        nice collection of sand and gravel pits , abandoned massive psycho center , and abandoned juvenile prison . scrap yard , welfare motel =blecchhh