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    Re: Young and stupid

    Originally posted by Bamfster
    Different size lifters?...WOW!
    Well it is a Mopar, they do things 'differently' you know...


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      Re: Young and stupid

      Originally posted by moparmaniac07
      Originally posted by milner351
      so how do you know which lifter goes back into which bore????
      Apparently they're different sizes because one of them was too big for the hole on the left.

      I also found the other piece of the pushrod resting between two valvesprings, glad it didn't go anywhere and break anything else. Final tally was 3 bent, 2 broken.
      that probly isnt good, you might want to look at the bottom of the lifter REAL good!!!
      COBEY..... franklin, kansas


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        Re: Young and stupid

        yea - that doesn't sound right at all....

        inspect everything as you are re - assembling - make sure the cam lobes look ok and you don't have any "metal flake" look to the oil.

        I over revved my clevo once and bent a couple pushrods and pushed out a couple lifters - I had to guess where they went - I either guessed right or it didn't matter - cause that engine ran for years after that with no problems.
        There's always something new to learn.


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          Re: Young and stupid

          What did we do before digital cameras and the internet to share our carnage?