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  • It's a trap!

    OK, picking my sister and my cousin up from a church retreat today, I was coming down 40 when I got passed by a black V6 Mustang, 05-08 style, on the right, it is a dual highway, 2 lanes each side, I was in the passing lane going about 55. well, the Mustang driver seemed to be in quite a hurry, quickly, yet not dangerously changing lanes to get through traffic. Well I just put "new" tires on the Eagle and wanted to see how balanced they are (seems to vary actually, smooth on the way there, not as much on the way back, maybe I lost a weight) but I had her up to 85, the driver in the Mustang had to be going only slightly less, maybe 80, well, I get up next to her on the left, I look over, and IT'S A COP!!!
    I get on the brakes and slow to 65, but man, that killed me, no ticket, but a cop was behind me back in town, nothing of it.
    No real point to the story, I just got a laugh out of what happened
    Rumors of my demise by rollover have been greatly exaggerated.

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    Re: It's a trap!

    chasin cops with the screamin eagle. :

    I remember slapping some little 13 inch studded tread on a 90hp subaru, and FLYING down I-95, slowing to smack the ice off the wipers. slushy sloppy slop still didn't thrash it...

    I am at 70 even watching the crud fly in the mirror, and lights are gaining on me. I could not figure out what car would be crazier than the little sube in this stuff. I pull into right lane, and its a cop car.. at least 75-80, unplowed I-95. rooster tails longer than the crown vic.. car didn;t appear to sway at all. Sagging in the back, I could guess they played with sandbag ballast. Clever. ;D

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      Re: It's a trap!

      They were doing that on the west side of town on Bell Rd. They would have Cops driving muscle type cars, they would pull up to a light rev up the motor or jump the car a little and then if you raced them when the light turned green they would pull you over and get you for drag racing.