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WHO here Has Owned an AMC EAGLE ????

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    Re: WHO here Has Owned an AMC EAGLE ????

    Originally posted by Caustic Frog
    I'll admit it! AND it outperformed my 94 Exploder in the snow, and really if you've never owned one or have driven one you have no right talking smack.

    I've always wanted to know why people give AMC the business all the time, can someone answer that with out the normal "they suck" "they're ugly"?

    I'll tell ya one thing I've noticed, since I bought My 86 Cutlass in Feb. and owning only AMCs as "hobby" cars since I was 16. the Fit and finish of all my Amcs is 10x better then that of the Cutlass, the way the doors close, the quality of the interior, panel fitment, etc etc, it just seems weird that, that was coming from a company who would go out of business a year after My cutlass was made.

    I have seen something too..all old Ramblers and AMC cars,seem to rust less than the 3 big ones.It can be that they have been sold new here with optional rust proofing...


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      Re: WHO here Has Owned an AMC EAGLE ????

      Originally posted by Ron Ward
      Nope, I have never driven - let alone OWN - one of these masterpieces of automotive engineering.

      Thank God!

      I drove grandmas concorde around. sat up like 4x4, but was 2wd, and sedan...
      low miles, original. I liked it..except that damn 258. real stinker though the seasons (my only gripe- the rest was typical downdraft woes, and I still tinker to this day with the downdrafts..irreplacable perfections) I would have put a friends 304 in from a junked scout at the time.

      a friend went all out restoring the bouncy pouncy 4x4 eagle, 2 door. eventual rage, and gave up. I'd still go for the 4 door concord, 2wd..and 304 stick shift.physics of heavy guage was obvious from the second you slammed the door.... I'd be keeping the rolly polly 235/75/15 treads. ;D
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        Re: WHO here Has Owned an AMC EAGLE ????

        eaglekammtoad had photos of a jacked up 65 american wagon that were very nice