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    I made it through duty week. Borrrring....nothing but work. So I'm "back." Got some beer so the fun thoughts are flowing again.

    Got an idee (that's Southern for "having and idea") this weekend. Both of our porches, front and back, need pressure washing and painting, all the woodwork. Saturday I got out on the front porch (no beer, no fun) and pressure washed over my head and under the bottom and got covered by a whole lot of Tennessee stuff. Maybe those clothes will wash out, dunno. Lots of gunk.

    Anyhow, got home from work today and step 2 on the front porch was to water treat the floor. So I did:

    All this to say, since there's beer involved again after a whole week....and the thoughts are flowing once again...I'm sure that absolutely none of you are anxiously awaiting the very next song to come from the Weeville Studio. No, it won't be about Brian or Dan or Keith, no, it's a new subject.

    It's water sealer. Wood treatment. That stuff is neat. You can use a mop or a sponge or a brush or danged nearly just pour it on and it'll come out great. It doesn't matter what you do. No talent or artistic ability required.

    Water seal. That'll be the next song, probably this week. Gotta get the words and the music down. I think already the chorus will be, "Just slop it on and go." Can you "hear that" "Just slop it on and go" "It might be a mess but your deck is sure gonna glow..."

    Kind of a blues-boogie thing. Any suggestions? Shall this be a BangShift community-produced song?

    A song about wood water sealer. What could be more fun? Need words.

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    Re: Water Sealer

    "I ap-plied Thomson's water seal while I drank beer and cussed.

    and twelve months f*kn' later it had all turned into dust..."


    Hate the stuff.


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      Re: Water Sealer

      Originally posted by Beagle
      Originally posted by peewee
      ...A song about wood water sealer. What could be more fun? Need words.

      Went to town to see my dealer
      All he had was water sealer
      Sand out the thorns
      don't forget the corners
      Floors look great, but
      I aint stayin sober too much longer

      okay, I'm lame.
      Okay Beagle, that's good! Gives me room for thought...tie drinkin' into it.........Don't take no thinkin' when I am drikin' and I'll smear some ever lovin' wood treatment goooooop.
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