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    Re: OUCH!!

    The initial reaction to that story was, I'd do like Frecklee the cat, except I'd go crap on his bedroom floor and make him clean it up. And THEN make him drive a Yugo or all those other things. But the pile of crap would only fit in with all the other piles of crap in his bedroom, AND he would just step around it.

    Then I thought, no, that would just be one dead kid. I'll be out again in 20 years. And I'd try first to move the trial to Texas where, "He needed killin'" is a valid defense.

    But then I figured it was a waste of thought time because I'll never have a Turbo in the garage to start with.

    And grounding....what's up with that? I know it's supposed to hit a kid in the gut - can't go out and "do." But...Thereby the parents sentence themselves to X-amount of time with the whining mopey pimply not-thinking-right kid stuck in the house with them every waking moment. I know it never worked on me. My parents would declare a grounding that was dramatic in length but in a few days everybody would calm down and they'd tell me, "Just GO. Just get ouuta here."
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