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    I know I kinda slammed a nation to our north here recently. Sorry, the folks I worked with there sure do cuss a lot. And it took some days to get used to, just hearing it. A cultural difference. But it took a few days and then I didn't even "hear" the cussing anymore. A cultural difference.

    Sometimes, a smaller distance-change in venue can make a big difference. After being raised in SC and being relocated permanently to TN, I was quick to pick up on a difference. It's attitude, sort of. And not to say that things in South Carolina are hectic and results-driven overall. And also not to say folks here in TN wouldn't give you their shirt if you were in need, because they sure would. Great people you sure want on your side.

    But here I observe an overall lack of urgency. That's the only way I can explain it. The type A-plus induviduals, the folks who want it all, and they want it NOW, and you're already late if you haven't already delivered it....they don't inhabit this region of the world.

    I mean, if you are about to start a major a professional project, instead of ,"Yeah let's DO it!" it's more of a "Let's think about it for a while. Let's think about it. Maybe we'll do it.....let's think about it first....well, let's ALMOST do it, and when we get close to really doing it, we can always change our minds if it's not going quite so well." Everything is always "close enough." It kinda drives me crazy, given my background.

    Does that make any sense for a description? Has anybody here observed some professional/cultural differences when called to another region to work? Close enough. We stabbed at it, so that must be close enough. Leave that one alone and go on to something else.

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