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Ridiculous chase scene

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  • Ridiculous chase scene

    No, not The Blues Brothers
    I spent most the day at my friends, all we did was watch movies, watched Ong Bak and The Protector (The Protector = GREAT MOVIE by the way, Ong Bak is cool too)
    But I thought I would share this chase with you
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    Re: Ridiculous chase scene

    How about Short Time? Clip
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      Re: Ridiculous chase scene

      Originally posted by Remy-Z
      How about Short Time? Clip
      That was a great surprise in a cheeseball movie.
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        Re: Ridiculous chase scene

        here is a different one.

        dennis hopper drunk, driving a ratty vette, racing a speedster on mulholland drive. :

        king of the mountain

        ..and dennis hopper died. RIP.
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          Re: Ridiculous chase scene

          You know that if a group of dedicated BS'ers got together with a couple of those disposable tricycles each... we would do all that, and more.

          I liked the part around 4:20 the best.
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