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    Re: Driving video..

    Yeah, it sounds like he did more in his short life than some people do in a life time, very sad for sure.
    I know I can't handle a cell phone and drive, heck I can barley walk and be on the phone at the same time.
    Just the day before I watched part of that video I was trying to explain to the kid in the back seat about an accident we were passing while I was looking at her in the rear-view mirror (the people were already out and talking to the cops) When I looked up there was cop coming at us at full speed in our lane! After i swerved out of the way, my heart started pounding so hard it almost made me sick.....
    Originally posted by TC
    also boost will make the cam act smaller


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      Re: Driving video..

      I've been known to answer my cell if alone in the car with one word - "driving" - then I close the phone. When I can pull over I'll look in the "recent calls" file and buzz them back. If someone is with me I just hand the phone over. Works for me.



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        Re: Driving video..

        Originally posted by TheSilverBuick
        Thanks guys. It's amazing how quickly two years go by... One of the many friends of my Brother is a graphics designer and makes business cards and such and he made this post card for the anniversary to hand out. The backside tell you to try something new every July 21st as my brother did A LOT of things in a very short amount of time. Backpacked Australia, worked as a pearl diver, worked at a porn expo (in Australia), ran with the bulls, did that tomato fest thing a couple times in Spain, went to two Oktoberfest in Germany and two of the Dutch equivalency (Roskell festival?), spent 3 months in prison in Copenhagen, Denmark uncharged with a crime and eventually let go, spent time in the UK, worked at the mine here in Ely, was a police cadet for a few years in college, these are just kind of the tips of the iceberg, he kept journals and was writing a book. The shear number of people that he left an impression on is incredible. He was in Skopje, Macedonia backpacking/hitchhiking his way to Russia when he met his untimely end. My trip to Germany in May was to go to the wedding of his German girlfriend's sister (in his place so to speak). No shortage of stories for sure.

        Based on this picture at the Grand Canyon, AZ.

        And trust me when I say that no one in our family can't help but see that "big shit-eat'in grin" (as my Dad calls it :D) everytime we think about him, we just can't help but smile and think of the good times and stories.

        That'll make Sunday two years since we met in person. Great story. I hope someone can finish his book.
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          Re: Driving video..

          Didn't we first meet at the Car Junkie Open House the Feburary before?
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            Re: Driving video..

            Just watched a bit of this video, makes you wanna drive safer ,think of someone else other than yourself.


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              Re: Driving video..

              thanks, if that vid doesn't get the message accross, nothing will
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