Rumor has it this show will have to move next year as this area has gotten too upscale .... it's a good thing as they're talking about moving it closer to me

I got a kick out of this sign.... convenient parking for a wine tasting event that's happening nearby

first a pretty cool t-bucket

A buick like my dad has (only this one drives)

someday, when I'm a rich lawyer, I'll have at least one of these

asked my nephew if he liked this (ac)cord - he kept looking around for rice... kids!!!

I really liked this wagon.... wood n all

Of course, an orange GS - for those on here who swing that way

another t-bucket

this body style of gm truck has grown on me... used to think they were aweful

I do like 2 seat english sports cars.... I'll take mine with a v8 of course

I think flat black is over

another bucket

BBC Nova - settled an argument I had with my nephew

couldn't believe how clean this car was ... seemed unremarkable at first, but it's well done

my favorite car at the show... not even done

it takes a certain je ne sais quoi to show a garbage truck

a bunch of shelbysomething fords

don't know what type of truck, but it's 500 caddy power with dry stacks.... motor in the back with a tornado axle

my secret ford fetish is these

hemi powered, of course

the car that almost convinced me to show mine

A buick woody straight eight powered



friend was showing his right drive mini - license says "minime" he's 6'5, 250 lbs