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    Re: Drive In Theaters

    Originally posted by DanStokes
    As Walt Disney would say, "It's a small world after all". ME's mother's family was from York and her grandpa was the dean of the college at one time. Is that your place of birth? Almost bought a '48 International pickup there a few years ago when we were visiting.

    About drive-ins. I was alive and dating during their heyday (I graduated HS in 1965) so I spent LOTS of time at them doing what teenagers did at them. The closest was the Commerce in Commerce, MI. There were several in Pontiac and we'd go there sometimes.

    There's one in Wilmington but it's a flea market now. I should go sometime and see if there any car stuff or maybe tools. No clue, haven't looked.


    Originally posted by Thumpin455
    We had one in York Nebraska when I was a kid in the 80s. I went to see lots of movies there, they always had a triple feature. Usually it was Platoon that was one of the movies, lots of fun. We would sit on the bent hood of my 72 GTO and watch flicks with groups of friends. They tore it down while I was in the USAF and built a rest home there. It wasnt the movies, it was about all of us getting together and doing something fun together.
    Been to York, NE many of times also.
    Had an account there.......Mead Lumber Co.
    We lived in Lincoln, NE.......late 70's

    I can remember my earliest trip to a drive-in in the late
    Later in the 60's we'd sneak buddies in by getting in the
    trunk......hell some of those boats, we could get 4 or 5 in.

    Like most drive ins.....ours was several miles out of town.......there was a
    pretty long straight stretch coming back towards town.
    Lots of car racing done after show let out.

    I've got two of drive in speakers in my hobby room......hooked up to play.

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      Re: Drive In Theaters

      Originally posted by BangShiftChad
      We love the drive-in too.

      We have the Mission Tiki Drive-In here close to us, and it's $7 per adult, kids to 10 are $1. You can't beat that for two first run movies. We pack the cooler, bring our own snacks, and just hang out. We either lay down in the back of the wagon, or back the Suburban in and set up our lawn chairs. Either way it is a good time had by all. The place is always packed. And compared to $10.50 or more for a single movie at the theater, it's a way better deal.
      YESSIR! we just saw despicable me and karate kid with the MINI cooper crowd at the mission tiki last saturday night! had a great time! My son, who is 9 and was haivng his first drive in, didn't really get it-"sit on asphalt in a lawn chair to watch a movie? WHY didn't we go to an indoor theatre??" Because you aint payin, kid! he is such a non car person, sometimes I wonder whose he really is, LOL!
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        Re: Drive In Theaters

        There's a few left in the Western New York area. The one in Lockport has 4 screens and is very popular. My wife and I try to go at least once a summer. Interestingly, there was an article on today.


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          Re: Drive In Theaters

          My Dad used to take my brother and I to the Drive-in all the time. I think mostly because he liked to smoke and drink beer :D but my brother and I enjoyed it. I've been to the Mission one two or three times in the early 90's. I think my brother had gone there a few times with his fraternity buddies in college.
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            Re: Drive In Theaters

            We actually have a brand new drive in.... 4 screens and it rocks from all I've heard....



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              Re: Drive In Theaters

              There are a few sprinkled around Michigan still.

              There were three in the Lansing area for a
              long time, they all closed back in the late 80's,
              early 90's.

              We had a ton of fun there, why they closed...who knows.


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                Re: Drive In Theaters

                We still have a multi-screen drive in in Atlanta (Moreland Avenue), but its in a VERY bad part of town and not convenient to me anyway (30 miles), so I have only been once. I frequent the Pull-A-Part near there, but that is only in daylight!!!


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                  Re: Drive In Theaters

                  I grew up in Wichita, KS in the '70s and I know there were at least 4 in town. I worked at two of them at one time or another. I'm also sure that one or more of my kids were conceived at one. ;D

                  We've got one left here in OKC and it's right in the south side of town. Last time I went, I saw 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' when it first came out. I'd rather sit in my recliner and be able to take a potty break without missing anything.


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                    Re: Drive In Theaters

                    Monticello, Indiana.....Right at Indiana Beach! Go-karts, pin-ball, water park....I go there probably three or four times a year in the summer. My girfriends parents have a place there , this year it seems every weekend off I have I've been there. (not to the park) Remember the old bumper cars? They have them too....Awesome place, right out of the '60s!
                    I have an old wagon that we take there, we bring some sleeping bags, a foot ball, and we all sit around play with the kids and wait for it to get dark...
                    To me it seems like a dorky old thing we do as far as telling anyone, but I love that place.....It's kinda our get away.
                    In my travels I found another drive-in on US31, so they are alive and well, but I like our old place.....and I'm thinking about cole-slaw on a burger, and mayonaise and bacon bits on some Indiana sweet corn as I type this.
                    The adult entertainment is layed back and nice.....and within walking distance back to the Granparents (Okay, golf cart distance)
                    Originally posted by TC
                    also boost will make the cam act smaller


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                      Re: Drive In Theaters

                      I saw star wars at one in massachusetts in the 70s, small kid.

                      Before the whole locale turned into some gun slinging crack snorting ghetto of "pleasant diversity" living the american dream.(wherever that was is still "badass" today)

                      I remember driving over the lumps of the bumps (?), late comers with loud v8s.. laughter...interruptions by someone who found the beam of light of the projector.. smell of marijuana...

                      last of something hippy. :

                      my last was at a drive in down south someplace in florida or georgia... 1981. in a tractor trailer (bobtailing) Gary coleman was a fast talking card dealing something or other. The largest gary coleman I ever saw. (RIP)
                      old frieghtliner could not flex enough to get over the bumps.

                      there is one local, simply closed, this thread reminds me.

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                        Re: Drive In Theaters

                        We actually have a pretty kick ass drive in not 3 miles down the road from me. It was just bought last year and the new owners put up a third screen. I haven't made it down there for a movie in a couple of years.
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                          Re: Drive In Theaters

                          we have a nice drive-in in blueridge ga its called the swan drive-in its cheep and its allways a double fetcher
                          the kids play football and stuff in front of the screen and the best thing you dont have to sneak in your snacks or your adult beverages ;D


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                            Re: Drive In Theaters

                            We had the AutoRama Twin, in North Ridgeville, OH. (I80, OH Turnpike went right next to it) I try to stop when visiting family up there. They would play the "A" movie, then "B" movie, then "A" movie again. If you were "busy" the first time around you could catch it the next go around. You had to bring enough beverages for 6+ hours. ;)
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                              Re: Drive In Theaters

                              We have a drive in about 50 miles away out in barstow. In fact, we have a cruise down route 66 from victorville to barstow, then dinner at peggy sue's 50's diner and then over to the drive in theater for, you guessed it........American Graffitti!
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                                Re: Drive In Theaters

                                there was a nice one here, 4 screens, inexpensive...the owners decided to sell the property so they can put another
                                f-ing Quck Trip or pharmacy in...jagoffs
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